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Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline Chesebrough-Pond's lip care product is Vaseline Lip Therapy. Introduced in 1985, Vaseline Lip Therapy introduced the tube applicator, quickly copied by other lip balm companies. Since then, Vaseline has also produced tube lip balms and introduced a Wild Cherry flavor. Lip Therapy is about as popular as Carmex, garnering anywhere from 7-9% of the U.S. lip care market.

When we contacted Chesebrough-Pond's about getting product information, they did what we'd seen before. Blistex sent us the "Guide to Healthy Lips" and Chap Stick sent us a coupon for a free sample ("the first one's free"). The folks at Chesebrough-Pond's did the others one better. They sent us the "Guide to Lip Care" which included a coupon for 50¢ off!

The guide says to be aware of sun, wind, cold, dry air, or forced air heating. In other words, the normal kind of environment we all live in. The illustration shows a woman wearing a white coat. We're supposed to think that's a doctor. Once again, the lip balm companies stoop to deception to make us believe it is actually healthy to wear lip balm. Don't you believe it, folks. It just isn't true.


Last updated on May 28, 1997
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