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Testimony Archive

This is the page where we keep the older testmonies we've received from all around the world. We know this page is long. It shows you just how addictive lip balm is!

Dirk B. continues to live with addiction, refusing to get help.
I've all but given up denying my addiction. I have those little barrels of Blistex hidden away everywhere. There's one in my car (in a little pocket in the driver's footwell, along with the tire pressure gauge), one at my bedside, one on the dresser and one in my desk drawer at work. I also have a small container that fits into the watch pocket in my jeans that I take with me whenever I know that I'll be away from my other stashes for longer than a few hours (when I go out to a club for dancing or a show, when I'm at the beach, at a festival, on a plane...).
If I run out of lip balm, or can't get to my stash, I get antsy. Pretty soon I'm desperate--looking around for a cheap substitute, anything. I've used hand lotion, heck, I've even stooped to butter in a fit of desperation. Kinda like hardcore alkies and Sterno...
Thank god it's socially acceptable and legal.
Yours in addiction, Dirk B.

Sharon B. has since seen the light, but penned this when she was off the wagon.
Top Ten Reasons to Be a Proud Addict:
#10. Soft lips are next to Godliness
#9. No one like cracks near their lips
#8 Beavis and Butt-head buy Banana-flavored Balm
#7 Balm me up Scotty!
#6 Balmers (not bombers) make better lovers
#5 Lips without balm are not all they're cracked up to be
#4 Two Words, "Balms Away"
#3 B-A-L-M = Bad Ass Licking Mothers
#2 Boutros Boutros Balmi
#1 Women always ask, "Are you happy to see me or is that lip balm in your pocket?"

Greg W. found encouragement via our Web site.
I had been using Natural Ice Medicated Lip Balm (SPF 14), which is manufactured by Mentholatum, for the past several months. I liked the cool feeling I got when I slathered it across my lips once or twice a day. After a while, it was the first thing I did when I walked into the office in the morning. Pretty soon I bought an extra tube to keep in the car. I found that when applied outdoors or in the car on those cold mornings, the sensation on the lips was even cooler.
After a few months of social lip balming, I found that my indiscriminate use of Natural Ice was not enough. I found that I could get more bang for my buck by using Mentholatum directly. On the lips, under the nostrils, then eventually.... yes,... up the nose.
I've tried to cut back. I keep telling myself, "as soon as the winter is over, and the dry heat from the furnace is off, I can stop this" Sure,...more excuses.
I only hope LBA can give others the kind of encouragement you've given me.

New Zealand's Julie B. needs to read the 12 steps and go cold-turkey.
I would like to warn all of those in New Zealand that the 'Nectar' shop produces a strawberry torte lip balm. I have some in my drawer at work - my flatmate gave it too me. WHAT DO I DO!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!
I am trying really hard to wean myself of this horrible little jar of pink vaseline but when my lips get that really dry sandpapery feeling I don't know where to turn. Please help me.

Nyk F. left an addicted girlfriend. Nyk, next time try love and support!
Well, I would like to relate: It was so interesting to see the workings of minds similar to my own. You see, one day it hit me, and hit me hard...
I myself have never used lip balm, but a girlfriend of mine does, and it was with horror one day that I noticed how she behaved "under the influence". She would buy the cherry flavored stuff, because her lips were sore (little did I know what wretched condition had caused this) and slap it on. Then, 'cos it tasted nice, lick it off. This caused immediate discomfort and required another smearing. If this is not an erosion of our conscious freedoms, i don't know what is. I feel very strongly that the hypnotic control that surrounds such a product must be some kind of government conspiricy...
The worst tragedy was that my poor girlfriend was so nieve, so unaware. I had to leave her in search of more pure pastures, you understand?

Melissa M. bears of the scars of addiction.
I was so relieved to hear that I was not alone in this world of addiction. I am from Rhode Island and there never seems to be a reason to be without lip balm. In the winter it is necessary due to the cold temperatures and snow. In the summer there's the sun and heat to worry about. And there's always other reasons for the seasons in between. I don't know for sure how long I've been an addict, but I've probably been using for at least 10 years - and I'm only 23! My friends and family all know that I'm an addict. I don't want to blame them, but they enable me! The past 2 Christmases, I received several containers of lip balm as gifts. Needless to say, these were the favorite things I received both years. My lip balm of choice is Lip Medex by Blistex in the blue tin. I don't like the sticks as much, they go on a little too waxy. I need the soft. smooth kind to ease my pain.
I do have a lip balm horror story for you. As most addicts do, I have a stash everywhere, including my car. One summer afternoon, I came out of work to my car that had been sitting in the hot sun all day. I reached for my container to coat up for the drive home, and much to my dismay, as I opened my container, the all of the melted, now-liquid lip balm poured out all over my leg! I was not so much bothered the burn on my leg as I was the idea of driving home without my fix! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this with those who understand! Please write back! I need all the support I can get! Thank you!

Rachel A. should read the 12 steps and attend LBA meetings.
I just wanted all of you out there with a lip balm addiction that you are not alone. I too have a problem and have even tried using Lip Smackers that tastes and smells gross like chocolate raspberry but I still can't beat the addiction. If I go without it for more than 45 minutes I start to go through withdrawls and my lips instanly get chapped and I become very aggitated. To tell you the truth I feel sick and disgusting if I'm not wearing any lip balm. So if anyone has any words of encouragement for me to beat this problem please let me know.
My best friend has the same addiction so we will try to beat this thing together. Today I forgot my lip balm at home and it drove me crazy all day long. I kept on asking people to lend me some but no one would contribute to my addiction. I think it is just something I'm going to have to live with. Thanks for the support though, but I don't think anything can help me now. Well I got to go re-apply so e-mail me if you think you can help stop the insanity that I'm going through.

Dan G. needs help. Read our self-test, Dan!
My sister and I have been reading the accounts of addiction and find many of the stories to be like my own. I was driving home from work on a hot summer day when I reached for my trusty tin of Carmex that had been sitting on the dash. Much to my horror when I cracked the canister and open molten 'mex poured all over myself and the steering wheel. After the burning subsided on my chest I then had to deal with the wheel which was now coated with the slippery, but medicated, mess. I neared died that day but continue to use. Do I need help?

Outlawing lip balm won' stop Kia M.'s problem and it won't help yours. Get into a 12-step program!
I must admit to almost feeling reassured by the testimonials on your LBA page - it was a relief to know I'm not alone.
One thing I have to comment on: Bonne Bell has a lot to answer for when it comes to young women with LB problems. Lip Smackers were my road to ruin (though I didn't know it when I started - they seemed as innocent as anything else in my xmas stocking). I still own a Dr Pepper one... My younger sister is also falling victim to lip balm addiction via heavily flavoured lip balm, which is sad to see. She's getting into mixing - vanilla and strawberry together, say - something I never did. It's tough to watch. But it's tough for me too.
While I'm able to stay clear of the Lip Smackers gift packs and so on now, it just means I've turned to more socially acceptable lip balm in my adulthood. Labello has been a thrill, and I've just started getting heavily into Carmex - I squeeze my lips into the pot most of the time; I'm so desperate for the fix that I can't be bothered with a finger.
I suppose I should confess to also having a lipstick problem. I like the really unctuous, sheer ones, too; the more balmish, the better. I think I first started going for the colour when I got off the kiddy strawberry/cherry/etc stuff.
Anyway. Bonne Bell, and others of its ilk, should take more responsibility and quit marketing to children. I'm going to write my MP, and see if its distribution can be limited along the lines of tobacco and liquor.

Get help Lisa H.!
It all started one day, when I bought my first 3 pack of Lip Smackers...I didn't realize that I had a problem, until one day when a friend of mine and I were getting ready for a party. I opened my drawer to get a comb, and she stopped half-way through her sentence with a look of shocked horror on her face. I looked down in my drawer and realized that she was horrified and disgusted by all of the Lip Balm I had in there. I put on lip balm every night, in the morning, after breakfast, and hourly during the day. My favorite kinds are, of course, Lip Smackers, and Virgin Lip Balm, 'cause they come in really cool neon colors. (Which, by the way, give your lips a really funny look if you use too much.) And that is my true lip balm story.

Nomi H. is close to stopping!
Reading your site forced me to confront a fact I'd rather not think about: I'm addicted to lip balm (in my case, Vaseline). Like many of the addicts who've sent in their stories, I started at a young age with Chap Stick and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. In fact, when I was a young child, my grape Chap Stick smelled so appealing I actually took a bite of it. Yuck! In junior high, my friends and I collected and traded the Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. My favorites were 7-up and Sour Grape.
As an adult, I have eschewed flavored lip balms in favor of Vaseline. I have two jars of it at home, and tubes in my purse and backpack. I use it at least three times a day, though I try not to use it much more than that. One day I somehow ended up with no Vaseline, and it was agonizing waiting until I got home that night to use it.
Several friends have told me that I should stop using Vaseline; that it doesn't really make your lips less dry. So far I have not heeded their advice. In fact, I gave Vaseline to my boyfriend in an effort to get him to stop licking his lips.
I noticed that at least one respondent mentioned the corners of his mouth cracking painfully. I occasionally have that problem, too. Lip balm wasn't helping it at all. A nurse suggested hydrocortisone cream, and the problem cleared right up. Unlike lip balm, hydrocortisone cream does not appear to be addictive.

John K. can't deny he is addicted.
It all started innocently enough. I can remember my father always had that smooth black cylinder of Chap Stick in his pocket. Even though I wasn't a balmer, I worshipped him for using the official lip balm of the NFL. Where other kids wanted to suck down a pack of Luckys or to quaff a Schlitz, I ached to twist that knurled end and...
Here the seeds of my destruction were sown. Before long I was squandering all of my allowance on Chap Stick. I had to get a paper route to feed the beast. It was the 70's, Dr. Pepper Chap Stick was hot and the girls slathered on copious amounts of strawberry lip gloss. It seemed that any clown with a dollar thought he could buy his way into my scene. But I held them all in contempt, I had moved onto Carmex.
F For a long time it was good. That inviting little pot was always there to share the good times and the bad. In the last year, however, the beast has started to destroy what control I have left. The heady scent Carmex's camphor is still magic, but it just isn't enough. I've started mixing balm cocktails. Usually, I combine my Carmex with Vaseline Lip Therapy, but Blistex will work in a pinch and for special situations I have an unlabeled pot of balm that I got from a dermatologist.
For years I wouldn't acknowledge my addiction. I can't deny the beast anymore. I even switched from the Carmex pot to the squeeze tube. Though the purists will cringe, I find it helps me hide my stash. (especially from other balmers) I am resigned to my fate. I can only hope that together we can stem the tide of abuse and save our children from demon lip balm.

I think Joanie M. wants to quit.
I have had a lip balm addiction for 9 years now. I tried to quit about 6 years ago and failed miserably. I went cold turkey and my lips became cracked and bled when I smiled (which wasn't often). When I resorted to salad oil from a restaurant salad bar, I called it a defeat.
After seeing your web site, I have renewed hope! So many of the testimonies ring so true for me: carrying balm with me wherever I go, supplying balm to my friends, having multiple sticks within reach, and craving that "hit."
I just had my wisdom teeth taken out, and during the surgery the oral surgeon had to apply lip balm to my lips for me! This was a new low, even for me!
I plan on quitting some day. I hope you do soon, as I plan on checking back often for support and guidance.
ps. I'm sending this note and URL to another addict I know -- hoping she too will be able to come out of the Lip Balm Addiction Closet.

Birdy L. writes about her friend, who won't recover until she herself wants to. Stay supportive!
I always knew that this friend of mine, Marianne S., used a lot of lip balm, but I didn't realize how serious her problem is until I came across your site. Immediately, I faxed her your recovery program, but she isn't ready for quitting yet, claiming "yes - I'm addicted, and I'm proud!!"
She explained to me that her main kick is that everybody knows she's always carrying lip balm, so anyone in need will frisk her thoroughly to get it, or even (the horror!) get a fix directly from her lips.
So, apart from the mere physical addiction which is bad enough, she's obviously become dependent of balm as a sexual artifact and bait. I'm sure she could do without - I mean, the lights at our main hangout are quite dimmed, anyway - but she won't listen to me.
Please give some advice, addressed directly for her. I think she's more likely to take it from someone who's been there & done it!! Concerned and caring - Birdy

Stella M. found hope here!
Hi, my name is Stella, and I'm a lip balm addict.
It all started when I was in sixth grade. My supposedly-upstanding Catholic school wasn't strict enough to deter me and my friends from indulging before school, after school, at recess, and even during class. Those wee sticks of flavored salve were all the rage in the 80s, and retailers made the junk readily available for defenseless kids who don't know any better. At first I stuck to the basic mint, strawberry, and cherry stick varieties, but soon I was on to the exotic stuff: bubblegum-flavored roll-on, cola, and my favorite -- Sugar 'n' Spice. When I started attending a very competitive all-girl's high school, lip balm in small pots was the only cosmetic of choice, mostly because we were too stressed to deal with anything more. It wasn't uncommon to find an assortment of at least 3 or 4 different flavors in someone's backpack, and trading pots or taking hits in groups was even more common.
My lowest point was when I once mixed my own pot of tinted balm, using a near-empty container of Lip Medex and stirring in various dregs of lipstick I scraped out of the tubes with a toothpick. It worked well, and it looked nice, but I really think I hit rock-bottom. I still rue that day.
Now that I'm in college, I've become a closet balmer. I only balm up in the privacy of my home, and my parents don't confront me about it because they don't understand the gravity of my addiction. There are several pots and sticks of the stuff in my room, and one pot of coconut-flavored balm is next to my keyboard, beckoning to me as I type this. I carry a couple pots in my backpack, but it's pretty cumbersome to root around in there during a class, so that deters my daytime usage, thankfully. I'll admit, albeit shamefully, that I rejoiced when Blistex came out with its Lip Tone product, because I could pretend I was wearing a regular lipstick when in fact I was balming all over the place.
I'm glad I found LBA when I did, because I need to fight this addiction and stop the insanity.

Peter V. sees an addiction connection.
I'm so glad I accidentally found your website! I have found Carmex to be incredibly addictive for the past three years. I never really thought it to be a problem. It just seemed like it became part of my grooming process. My best friend who lives in Northern California introduced me to this stuff and we both have yet to quit. We never identified it as a problem.
I am very shocked to hear that this addiction could possibly lead to further harder drug usage or addiction. This link could definitely be possible as an addiction makes an individual more susceptible to other addictions. I can attest to this.

Julie A. has recognized her problem!
My name is Julie and I am a Balmaholic. There, it's out! I've said it!
Despite living in Scotland, I visit the U.S. regularly. How grateful I was to see from your site that I am probably not alone in going into drug stores at all times of the day and night and thinking nothing of buying half a dozen little pots of Blistex Lip Medex. Oh, that delicious little nip! Oh, that cute little blue pot.
Thank you, LBA, for making me feel that I am not alone.

Casey R. is creative with her addiction.
My name is Casey and I'm from Austin. I have been using lip balm since I was about 6 years old. Mine was always a powerful addiction ever since the very beginning. I have never been able to go anywhere without my Chap Stick. Once, when I was at my Grandma's house, I lost my Chap Stick and was forced to result to running to the bathroom every half hour to use my Grandma's industrial sized vat of Vaseline. Then it was announced that the family was going out to dinner. I panicked, God knows how many hours that could be. So I carefully (I'm about 9 at this time) smeared a large glob on the back of my hand, determined that if I was careful, it would last me through the whole night. I live in mortal fear of being without my Chap Stick for more than an hour. I cannot wear anything without pockets. I live for that reassuring feeling when you pat your pocket and feel that comforting lump. I know you've been there. You leave the house with you're lips properly protected, and just for the sheer comfort of it reach into your pocket for your trusty tube of Chap Stick. And its NOT there. Instantly, you're lips become chapped, just with the thought of coming hours without it. I don't know how many pleasant outings have been ruined by my single minded obsession with greasing up my lips.
Almost all of my friends are also addicts. I feel a special camaraderie with these people that understand what it feels like to be deprived. We all carry around several assorted flavors and giggle with glee when somebody pulls out a new flavor. As soon as I see somebody else put theirs on, I have to also. Unlike other people's testimonies I've read, I carry around one tube. I am now an expert at transferring it absentmindedly when I change clothes and such. In fact, I have lost several tubes by leaving them in the pockets of pants I was trying on in stores.
I'm just glad there's a place for people like us to go, to find comfort, humor and possibly banish this wretched specter from our lives.

Mike J. proves how stressful recovery can be.
I've kicked the lip balm thing, too. Man was that rough..almost ripped a guys arms off the other day for offerring me a hit of Chap Stick ...cherry flavour...

Madeleine C. is not alone.
Thank heavens for your message! I felt so alone in this addiction. It is such a relief to hear that I am not some freak of nature. Perhaps there is a genetic link...? I think the Web site will really help in the cure.

John A. quit the hard way!
Thanks! I thought I was alone in this addiction. I've tried ice-packs, soaking in lemon juice - and finally taking mega doses of vitiman B stress complex. Now it only hurts when I laugh - and boy do I hurt :)

Carol K. shows the Industry of Addiction is no joke!
My addiction came from my toxic parents. When I was a little girl, my mother bought me a cute little flavored lip balm from Avon. It's been downhill from there. I grease up first thing in the morning, even without getting out of bed, even before I put my glasses on! I realize now I have my family snared in the hell of being my enablers. My husband has gone out at midnight in the blinding snow to score me my brand of choice, Carmex . My daughter has gone without food and shoes so I could have the evil stuff. I have gone so far as to use straight Vaseline out of the jar and even Neosporin and Crisco when the Carmex ran out. My family, God love them, has tried an intervention, but to no avail. But now through the miracle of the Internet, I have found hope. I know I am not alone and I can beat this monkey on my lips. My inner child and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now we can have closure and get on with life. God bless you!

We caught Mike C. just in time.
Thank God for LBA. I thought I was alone; that I was the only one addicted to balm. Over the years my balm use has gradually increased to 3-4 sticks a day. I can handle that OK, but lately, I've been binge balming. 10 to 15 sticks over a 2 hour period. The balm is so thick around my mouth and nose, that I pass out from lack out oxygen. This morning, after a binge, I was shocked to find my lips and face covered with lipstick. I must have done a tube of the stuff in my stupor. I'll never forget my reflection in the mirror this morning. Then tonight I find LBA. Coincidence? I don't think so. Higher power more likely!

Jerry S. is on the road to recovery.
I have to admit, I too have a problem, and it is getting out of control. There is balm by my bed, in the bathroom, the living room, and next to my computer. I keep a tube by the door so I can take a lip-full as I leave my house - and once I get in my car, I use even more. I used to tell myself it was because we moved to the desert that I started using so much more, but now it is starting to scare me. I'm afaid that my use while driving might cause me to get in an accident, or even worse, I might drop the cap and smear the stuff all over the car seat. Thanks to your organization I am going to get help - soon, real soon.

Joseph D. knows about the Industry of Addiction.
I realized I was addicted to the stuff years ago when I found myself using it all the time. But it never seemed to help; I always needed more. I tried different brands before finally noticing that I didn't have a lip balm problem until I started using it - sort of a hygienical catch-22 I guess... It was then that I realized that the money-making plot of these companies must be to make us NEED their balms. If it worked, we'd only buy it once! I immediately discontinued my use of all lip balm products and now use it only on special occasions.

Chris M. found hope here!
I abstain from other substances ie. liquor, crack, playdough, but once I saw your page, I realized that I have an addiction far worse than anything else. And now that I know, I guess on some level, I've known all along. Since I realized the addiction, I'm becoming paranoid. Whenever I break out the Chap Stick, I feel that everybody is talking about me and my problem. Somehow they ALL know. I've lately found myself yearning to be a woman because they have that lipstick that doubles as lip balm. Nobody talks when they put on lipstick. It's so unfair. Thank you though for making me confront my problem. I've heard the whispering behind my back in the past but I just denied it. I can stop, man.
Honestly. And I'm going to...tomorrow.

Thomas I. got "scared straight" (no pun intended).
I've been using lip balm for years now. I've tried and done them all: Chap Stick (all flavors), Blistex , Medex , you name it. I've also tried combinations of the above; I used to be particularly fond of using Blistex on my upper lip (where I could smell it better), and strawberry Chap Stick on my lower lip. Then one day, quite by accident, I got K-Y Jelly on my lips and my life was changed forever. Its texture was soft as silk, the taste sweet, and the gloss like nothing I'd seen before! Ever since I've been using K-Y , which unfortunately I've found to be far more addictive and high maintenance than petroleum jelly-based products.
Last week, I met a very nice gorgeous guy who invited me over to dinner. When I arrived at his appartment, he asked me to take my jacket. When I handed it to him, a tube of K-Y Jelly fell out, and landed on his foot! He looked at me like I was some kind of tramp! I tried to explain to him that I used on my lips, only to watch his look turn to horror. I could only excuse myself and leave with the shreds of my dignity. Please help me! I don't want anything like this to ever happen again!

Andrew A. is starting his recovery.
Thank goodness I found you! I thought I was alone, a freak in a world of people without need of balm. Here is my story:
My name is Andrew A. and lip balm has always been one of my best friends. It's been there with me through almost everything. Unfortunately, it's never there when I really need it. Do I really need it? Right now, there are three different kinds of lip balm right here on my computer table. Let me tell you how they came to be here. Last weekend, at 12:30 in the morning, I ran out of lip balm. I cannot be without out it, so I got in my car and drove to 7-11 to buy some more. All they had was Chap Stick Petroleum Jelly. I purchased it and opened it in the car. I put it on, but quickly became unhappy with the way it seemed to disappear. I proceeded to drive to a Mobil station where I bought some Carmex. It cost a lot, but I needed it. Again, I wasted no time in opening it and putting it on. For the moment, I was satisfied. I felt like I was in good shape until I saw some Chap Stick Ultra SPF30 in the store the next day. I'd never seen it before, so I bought it. I like it. If I don't take it with me when I leave, I freak out. I get sweaty and I can't concentrate. I once forgot it at work and I resorted to using some olive oil. I need help. I know I've got a problem. A friend of mine, Marina, has shared her disorder with me as well. She always has at least three flavors with her.
I hope that my story will let others know that their compulsion is not a rare thing. I support them and will be here to share my progress.

Bill E. works at a Canadian University Psychology department.
Anyway, I noticed your Lip Balm Anonymous page and thought that it should definitely be WWWoWWWWified (Weird, Wild, Wacky or Wonderful World Wide Web sites). Things were getting pretty bad around here - there was not a dry chapped lip in the whole place. People would lock themselves in their offices with their Blistex and simply not come out all day. Grad students who were sharing offices would typically get into fist fights after one would try to sneak an application from a shared tube. Eight faculty members in our department had retired last week alone to persue their, umm, pastime fulltime, shall we say. Chap Stick pushers were hanging around outside the building - it was awful. You'll be happy to know that merely one week after displaying your page, folks around here have pretty much shaken the lip balm habit and have gone back to their regular uninterupted smoking and drinking routines...

Abby F. is beating her addiction!
I've found a place, a warm and friendly place where I, and my addiction, are loved and understood. It all began back in third grade with a seemingly innocent tube of regular flavored Chap Stick. Then it progressed. My addiction branched out to raspberry flavor, cherry and then mint. The chap stick brand was my poison. Now I'll take whatever is readily available. I'm not only a user.... I'm a dealer. I've gotten friends, family members, co-workers, even my dog addicted. I have a "super size" tube of Bonne Bell's Grape Ape Lip Smackers in the top drawer of my nightstand for middle of the night emergencies. In every coat I own, lies a tube. The jacket flavors and brands range from chocolate flavor from Avon- my personal weakness, medicated Blistex for the really stressful days, and more Bonne Bell. In my jewelry box is my coveted watermelon Bonne Bell. This is the one I most easily get people addicted to. I suppose it's the colorful exterior and the smooth, melon-flavored emollient within. In the side pocket of my car, I have a tube of the old standby- Chap Stick. This is how I got the majority of family members addicted... in the safety of a car. They fall prey so easily, it's almost sinful. Now I feel accepted and loved here, at LBA. I am getting help. I'm down to one tube a week. Thank you, LBA. I couldn't have done it without you.

Megan B. is starting her recovery at age 13!
My addiction started 3 years ago, when I was 10. My first memory of lip balm, though, was at the early age of 3, with Avon Ice cream flavoured. It was packaged to look like a cone full of ice cream .I was hooked from the start, on Bonne Bell Roll-On Lip Shiner, in Banana Berry flavour. I guzzled it, I was so addicted. Now, I use Lip Lix, also by Bonne Bell. Finding the flavour never lasts long enough, and I end up coating my face with the stuff. It is colored, too, so I have color all over my face. I spent 3 days with out it. Perhaps the first step?

There is hope for John D. if he looks for help!
I did not realize I was addicted to Chap Stick until my co-workers began play tricks on me. When I wasn't looking, they would remove my Chap Stick from my desk drawer and laugh as I searched in vain. When I left the room they would return it to my drawer. I provided them with many hours of amusement as my drawer is very unkempt. It took me a few days to figure out thier game. This didn't deter me. I use it in massive quantities. I prefer Blistex Mint and I am truly disappointed when the store carries only original Chap Stick. I have also addicted my six year old son recently by placing three sticks in his stocking and telling him they were a gift from Santa! I'm not ready to give it up. Is there any hope for me?

Karen G. feels peer pressure to stay addicted.
My name is Karen G. and I am addicted to any type of lip balm. My all time favorite is Chap Stick Medicated. It gives you that soothing feeling that we all need and deserve. I do not have a problem and will not quit. My friends often make fun of me for my constant us of Chap Stick . I carry around my lip balm with me everywhere. When ever I need a "fix" I just whip that tube out and smear it on my lips. One of my friends jokes that my Chap Sticks are collectables because I have so many. I don't know when the addiction started and I'm not ready to give it up. Besides other "addicts" often rely on me for a quit "fix." How can I let them down and stop carrying around my lip balm. If I lose one of my many tubes of lip balm I'm devastated and go on a extensive search until it is found. I'm sure that when I hit rock bottom I'll go clean but until then I have no problem and am fine.

Rob W. should not ignore any addictions.
A friend sent me your URL, and I am having trouble deciding whether to laugh or cry.
I am an addict. I admit it. I started using about 10 years ago, and a day hasn't gone by that I've gone longer than a few hours without an "application."
Frankly, I don't know that I'll seek help at this point, as I'm not ready to acknowledge that my addiction is a problem. (I figure I may be spending $100 a year on the stuff, which is less than I spend on other addictions I'm ignoring...)
But it is good to know that the page is here, should I need to seek support.

APS needs to quit, now that she admits her addiction.
Although I have hundreds, I'll just share the most godawful experience I've ever had in my life regarding the loss of companionship of my Cherry Chap Stick. My boyfriend and I were in the airport in Cancun, awaiting our flight. As it came time to board the plane, I realized my purse was missing. I didn't care about my money, licence & credit cards, makeup, or asmthatic inhaler, but damn, MY CHAP STICK WAS GONE. Sure, I had one in my beach bag, and two in my luggage, but they had already been checked! I frantically ran around the airport, realizing I may miss the plane, to buy Chap Stick. But, to my horror, they did not sell it. I had to board the plane, and I practically went into epilepsy throughout the entire flight to DC. My boyfriend tried to talk soothingly to me, but no comfort was to be found. I somehow made it alive, but when the time came to collect luggage, I was practically killing people to get to my bags. After knocking several people over and out, I retrieved my bag, dumped it out, and finally found solace and piece of mind when my parched lips were coated with Cherry Chap Stick. I'm proud to say that I am alive today despite that life-threatening experience, and always make sure I have at least 1 Chap Stick in my pocket - and purse- at all times. Yes, I am addict. Yes, all of my friends, coworkers, and family know it. And no, I don't care.

Aryls J. is not ready yet.
I must confess I use both Chap Stick and Blistex - and I have no intention of quitting either one. I don't need or want any help from fellow sufferers; please don't plan any interventions for me. I know your intentions are good ... but I'm not ready to give up this vice just yet.

Colvin C. learned enabling behavior.
I am 43 years old today. I have been addicted to Chap Stick for most of those years. I'm not sure how old I was, but I was no more than 4 or 5 when my mother first put a tube of Chap Stick in my pocket and said "never go anywhere without this, use it often and you will never have dry, cracked, chapped lips". I have always done just as my mother advised. I have never regretted it. I not only still proudly use my Chap Stick, but I now have 3 children of my own, all teenagers, and all addicted to Chap Stick. When I die, I want the mortician to apply a generous amount of Chap Stick, to my lips and put the remainder of the tube in my pocket to go with me, just like my mother advised.
Remember, keep your lips soft, you never know when somebody might want a kiss.

Steph E. tries (to no avail) to cover-up her addiction.
I tried to deny my addiction for a very long time, rationalizing that since I used expensive, boutiquey lip balms, I was different. I dropped a boyfriend when he objected to the scent of the Body Shop's Honey Stick. I did it with friends, claiming it was only social balming, sharing a stick with my roommate. Recently, I have been covering my Bath & Body Works Cherry Lip Balm with Clinique Black Honey Gloss, hoping that I can convince those who care about me that it's just lipstick. They see through my pathetic ruse. Cold turkey won't work, as I just stage midnight raids on the Vaseline jar. I don't think I can ever kick this thing.

John D. says :-) We say :-(
Yes, I admit I have a problem. I have been faithfully using Bonne Bell's LipSmacker for five years now. I have a collection of flavors, and currently I have around twenty different lip balms. I get upset when one is missing, or I see someone has borrowed one of my "lipjunks". The first time I accidentally melted one in the dryer I cried. They really mean a lot to me. I don't think I will do anything about my problem in the near future because even though addiction can lead to bad things I haven't experienced any bad side affects so far. My lips are nice and soft and always flavorful :-)

Nancy watches daytime TV instead of getting help.
My name is Nancy and I too am addicted to lip balm. It all started when I was a child growing up in the cold, cold Northeast. There were times when my lips would be so chapped that I would be raw all the way to my chin! I didn't know my tongue could reach that far. Then, I discovered lip balm. The relief was instantaneous! I didn't know I had an addiction until I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show one day and Oprah said there were people who were addicted to lip balm--what a revelation! I've tried to do without, but I just can't do it--I'm thinking about it right now. I must end this confession right now--got to go look for my chap stick!

Tamarleigh G. has a problem and no lip balm substitute is going to solve the problem. Don't put anything on your lips!
I just want to point out to lip balm addicts an important health issue. If you must use lip balm at all, try to find one which is NOT petroleum-based. Petroleum is about the worst thing you could put on your lips. Try to find one which is beeswax or vegetable oil based. I am not advocating the use of lip balm particularly, but switching to a healthier alternative might be a first step on the road to recovery. There are many yummy non-petroleum balms sold all over the place. Check your local health food store or food co-op if you have trouble finding one. Unpetroleum is one good brand. Good luck quitting! I use it maybe once a day. I don't think I have a problem, but perhaps I am just in denial as well!
Here is another idea. When trying to quit lip balm, many people experience very dry lip problems. Pure Vitamin E oil, either in a bottle or from one of the gelcap things it comes in, spread on lips really heals them, not just creating a dependency, like the chemicals in Blistex, for instance. Perhaps switching to straight Vitamin E for a week or two would eliminate the need for lip balm altogether. If I put it on once a day, before bed for instance, I never need lip balm at all. It is the best thing for your skin. For extreme cases, I recommend taking it internally as well, up to 1600 IU per day. I am not a doctor and this is not trained medical advice, just what has worked for me (standard disclaimer).

Lydia M. is stopping slowly.
Hello. I know I am addicted to lip balm! It all started when I was 5. My mother sold Avon an would always get me free samples of flavored lip balm (even flavors that never came out in catalogs!) Then I went on to Blistex when I was worked at first but I needed more, adolescence made me feel the need to have even softer lips like models on TV--I then found Carmex! The cool tingly feeling was wonderful! Now I am 18..I use my Carmex at least 5 times a day.....when I wake up, after meals, before bed. I have gotten in trouble for "primping" in school because of it, my fiance has gripped about how it tastes when we kiss and friends have started making jokes, but what can I do? Carmex is great! It is the only "makeup" I ever wear, I used to attempt to wear it as eyeshadow for the perfect glistening look and it worked! I have cut back on that though....I promise! What am I to do I am a user...but a user with VERY soft lips! Thank you for listening!

Julia R. recycles balm pots.
How revealing. I never really knew how bad off I was. Like others, I have my stashes and have been known to go rushing back into the house for my favorite. This is a note for the Purdue folks: Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm is natural and does the job beautifully without additives. They also contribute to my addiction by having a recycling program for empty lip balm tubes. Their address is: Burt's Bees, Inc., 308 W. Hillsboro St., Creedmoor, NC 27522. It's a Burt's moment frequently for me now that I'm almost weaned from Carmex. My brother, another addict, once suggested using earwax when you're in a pinch. I've not tried this act of desperation and am not sure if I'd find enough to quench my desire. Thanks for the revelation.

John S. uses despite knowing he's addicted!
I am addicted to Chap Stick. I carry my Chap Stick everywhere I go and when I don't have it I become a nervous wreck. I came up with the idea of Chap Stick on a rope, so that I could always have my Chap Stick on me. I thought I would send "Chap Stick" some mail with my idea in the hopes that the company would "buy" it. This way I would never misplace my Chap Stick, because it would be worn with pride around my neck. No more searching in pants pockets, vanities and other secret hiding places.
While searching for the Chap Stick company I came across your page. I had to chuckle to myself because it was me written all over again. People just like me, ADDICTED! I can't stop or I guess I could, but what the heck. Will it kill me any faster than my other bad habits? Oh' by the way, in my opinion, I think that plain Chap Stick is far better than any other of those pathetic lip balms. Carmex, Blistex, and especially Bonne Bell are nasty to me. I think they taste bad.
Yes, I lick my lips and rub them together constantly so that I can apply a fresh coat as soon as possible. I can't even go to sleep after sex without getting up and putting more Chap Stick on. Maybe I should put some next to the bed. Of course the cats will knock it over and I'll have to get up anyway. Unless Chap Stick does come out with my Chap Stick on a rope, then I could tie it around one of the bed posts. I also could hang it around the rearview mirror in the car, but it would probably melt it the summer, nothing like hot Chap Stick smeared all over your face. Done it a million times.
Thank you for letting me run on about my addiction, I feel better knowing there are other junkies out there besides me, as I reach into my pocket for more Chap Stick.....But it isn't there, gotta go!!!

Ryan W. got his fiancee hooked!
My Carmex problem first started at an 8th grade church camp. Up until then, I had used only occasionally. My parents would give me a hit here and there to combat chapped lips, but I never really thought I would become addicted. Until the ride home from the church camp: My lips were so chapped they were bleeding, and, while the other kids were buying candy and donuts, I spent my last dollar on a jar of Carmex. It was all downhill after that. I actually have a note from an ex girlfriend that says, "Love Always, Jen. P.S. -- LAY OFF THE CARMEX!!!!!" (this is true)
Currently I have two bottles in my car, (these are placed upright so that, when the Carmex melts because of the summer heat, it won't seep out the side of the cap - I have many times driven down the road with a bottle of completely melted Carmex held in front of my car's air conditioner to make it a little more solid), one in my coat pocket, one on my dresser and one on the windowsill. (which is right above my bed, of course!) There is also a bottle or two in the bathroom. I didn't plan on having this much Carmex... I would just need a hit here, a hit there. I'd be at my parent's house, and see a jar of Carmex on the counter. After taking a hit, the jar would end up in my pocket. My mom would replace the jar a few days later, and I would somehow manage to end up with the new one, too.
My fiancee is now addicted, and uses constantly. "Ryan, can you hand me the Carmex?" has now become a daily question in my life, right along with "Good morning" and "I love you".
I don't want to quit... It's too much of a rush. Life without Carmex would be hell. Kind of like cookies without milk. (Seen the commercial??? I imagine a cupboard full of Carmex jars.... but.... ALL EMPTY!! AAAAHH!!!)

Lisa M. opened her heart to LBA: Yes, it is bad, Lisa!
I never knew I had a problem, until the first day I surfed the net. The first topic I ever looked up was "Lip Balm", of course. I wanted to know where I could add to my collection of (this is absolutely true) 73 lip balms, where to feed my addiction. And that's when I found LBA. At first it amused me, then began to scare me.... I couldn't have a problem with addiction, it was just a fun "hobby", right? ........ right? I took your test, the results came up positive for Lip Balm Addiction. And I have friends who, after coming to my house to check out this website, are coming out of the closet as well.

I think the problem started when I was in pre-school, in my stocking at Christmas one year I found a little Tootsie Roll-flavoured stick from Santa. And later, the Easter bunny left two little Avon sticks, one raspberry and one mint, and the caps were shaped like the tops of cute little ice cream cones. (why do I remember this so vividly?) Later came Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, strawberry in fact. The Body Shop's strawberry and apricot and kiwi and cherry..... I can remember having all the flavours that they offered at the tender age of 12. Then Labello, and then "Kissing Potion" in bubble gum and cherry flavours, those that after the little rolling ball was popped out of the applicator would flow onto the lips like silk......... oh, those were the days. Now, 16, in high school, I have cultivated a wealth of product knowledge and a discriminating palate for lip balm. In fact, I have three palettes here at home, of different assortments of Natural Glow Lip Treats. Each has about 5-7 flavours on it, which was convenient for locker use........ and when me and my friends were tired of the same old same old we got into mixing. Banana-mango-cranberry-blackberry is my favourite. We even had a special expression for the effect we got when too much was applied at once (overdose) : DRIPPEN' (pronounced drih-pen).

I can't say that I have a Carmex or Chap Stick problem, because they sting my lips and don't give me any taste satisfaction. In fact I don't have a problem with any one kind of lip balm in particular. If I see that a lip balm is almost gone, I stop using it as frequently - I can't bear to throw out an empty pot. Don't get me wrong, I don't have balm from 1982 or anything like that, but I like seeing my big basket of gloss and necklaces and balm and sticks and palettes and pots and dabbers and roll-ons and tins and tubs and tubes - and want to keep it that way. And believe me, I have it all. If I'm in a store and I see a lip balm flavour or brand I don't have, I buy it. Name any flavour, I've got it: apple-melon, orange, mango whip, raisin, cranberry, plum, candy apple, chocolate, honey, blueberry, lemon, everything. In every format, with sunscreen, medicated, aloe vera, vitamin E. I don't know if I'm a lip balm addict or not, maybe it's some sort of an Imelda Marcos thing......? For me, Lip Balm is just a fun, delicious, carefree indulgence - but....... I have at least two lip balms in every coat pocket, one for colour, one medicated for if my lips get chapped, and one for taste. Last season when I got out my spring jacket and found a couple pots I had thought I lost, I got this wonderful high. Is that bad? I also make sure I wear pockets to pop in a lip balm, and I always check to make sure I have some before I leave the house. Even if I'm going next door for ten minutes, I have to have it. Is that bad? I keep some on my bedside table and put it on before bed. There's some in every purse I own. My pencil case has four. In my bathroom, by the computer, in the kitchen, in the car, in the pool house. When I find I have none within reach or have forgotten it, I get really cranky and it ruins my day. I start to lick my lips, and just have a nagging feeling that they will get chapped and dry and sore. I borrow from friends if this happens, and being addicts (?) themselves they sympathize and immediately offer me their personal supplies. They understand. We, in essence, are both our own support group, and "balming buddies". Is that bad? I get very depressed when my mom calls me into the laundry room with a scowl on her face, and shows me a load of wash with lip balm stains all over the clothes..... oops, forgot to take it out of my pocket again. But I don't feel sad that the clothing must be washed all over again, or that my mom is mad at me, I feel devastated that I just lost a very dear friend to the effects of heat. My lip balm. I actually develop pseudo-relationships with them, example: Before I left for a trip to France I bought a jar of Soapberry Shop's Mango Whip in the airport to ensure I had enough for the flight. The smell of that Mango Whip never fails to conjure up images of that trip, I'm serious...... Is that bad? My friends and I all share the same characteristics in our "using", but I am the one with the most balm. This is a title I am proud of, Lip Balm Queen. When I was younger a friend and I would make our own lip gloss, mixing white petroleum jelly, a little food colour, honey and extracts (lemon, mint, vanilla, cherry etc.) but I never really liked the finished product. Last week I decided to better my formula. Here's my recipe, take note:
- dab of honey
- little bit of beeswax (buy in sheets from craft store or take from a candle)
- "little bit more" of cocoa butter
- spoon or two of white petroleum jelly

Melt all together in a small double boiler or do what I did: form a makeshift cup out of heavy duty aluminum foil, place ingredients in it, and hold with tongs in a pot of boiling water until melted and combined. Then pour into a clean lip balm pot - I recommend a Body Shop "emptie". Variations on this recipe: Add a stub of lipstick for colour.

I hope you won't censor this letter, accusing me of worsening others' addiction problems by sharing my recipes instead of sharing only my story. I feel for those suffering silently, wherever they may be, stranded without lip balm for minutes, hours, days, whatever. I am sorry for those who have lost a loved one, be it vanilla, cherry, SPF 22 or passion fruit. I have pity for those who realize they loved not a person, but the taste that lingered on their lips after a kiss........ to you, you have my empathy. At the tender age of 16, I am already a veteran, but I must implore, to you, my new LBA friends, on my knees and tears rolling down my face............. IS THAT SO BAD?!?

L. Lau writes about his daughter, a nine year-old Carmex Addict.
My daughter (age 9) has a lip balm addiction!!! She will go as far as get back out of bed in the middle of the night to find her lip balm (Carmex) and take it back to bed with her. I don't mind this in the winter, but she even uses it in the middle of the summer!!! It drives me CRAZY!!! If she can't find the lip balm, then she wants me to immediately go to the store and buy her some more. One time I went to the store, and bought six jars of Carmex and distributed them throughout the house and the order to help her not get chapped lips in the winter time...but a nine year old is not responsible, and I found myself going back to the store within a month because all six jars were missing, and my daughter was freaking! I am telling you...that stuff is addicting!!! I have jokingly said to her in her "fits" without Carmex... "Oh, are you going to go into withdrawals?" which of course I have gotten dirty looks from her--but now I realize, after reading all the daughter does seriously have an addiction to this stuff. I have told her doctor, and he said that she has a "nervous disorder" because she licks her lips constantly...but I am afraid that she is going to scar her face if she don't use Carmex in the winter, and I am afraid that when she becomes a teen, she will have a LOT of zits around he mouth because of her addiction.......I am serious.......she needs can I help her (my poor nine year old baby) stop this serious addiction to the stuff. Tons of jars, in the car, around the her BED AT NIGHT WITH HER.... even in the bathroom! If we go for a ride in the car, and she can't find her Carmex, she FREAKS out!!! I read those testimonies, and realize that Carmex is the hardcore LBA's Balm...she never even went through Bonnie Bell, or Chap Stick..... One time I bought her "Pocahontas" lip balm, but that had a rosy color to it.....and I noticed for several days that my daughter looked like a's not just on her lips that she puts the stuff, it's even on the skin AROUND her lips...all the way under her nose, way down to her chin..... a gloss over her face like she just ate a glazed doughnut..... I truly don't know how to get her to stop, and it is troubling me. I have even went as far as putting dishwashing soap on my daughter's lips to get her to one point she had even asked me to do that. She was truly proud when she had went three days without her Carmex! But, the addiction came back. I have told her that hot sauce would probably work, but I haven't ventured to use this method yet. She don't see the problem she is having.
She is sleeping at the moment, I just went to check on her...there amidst her Polly Pockets, and Barbie's was a Carmex...and as I closed her window...tucked in her little hand, under her cheek was a Carmex jar...... PLEASE help!!! This is SERIOUS stuff!!!

Darren H. is a teen-addict.
Hello! My name is Darren H. and I honestly thought that I was the only chap stick addict around. I have never met anyone in my life with the problem that I have. I typed in "lip balm" on Net Search and I found you guys. The LBA program sounds good. I have been addicted to Chap Sticks, Vaselines, etc. since I was 10 years old. I am 18 now and the addiction has grown worse especially in the last 4 years(all of high school). I would sit there in class and apply at least 50 times a period. I wouldn't realize what I was doing, until someone would say "Wow, how much of that stuff do you use". Once I become aware I what I am doing, I try to stop but can't. I take Chap Stick with me every where. I keep them in the car. I can relate to all of the people who have responded to the LBA. I can't go anywhere with out my Chap Stick. Most of the time I keep the Chap Stick in my pockets, but what do you do when you want to go on an 8 mile distance run and your shorts don't have pockets? Well, I run with a pouch around my waste and take the Chap Stick out during the run when I have that urge that you need moist lips. I think being a Chap Stick addict has effected my love life. One girl friend always wiped off my lips before she kissed me. I sometime over-douse the stuff, not a pleasant sight. Guys out there, make sure you wipe your lips before you kiss her, because you don't want to slide off. Anyway, I really need help. I am glad that you have this program, for we all share a common bond here. Please write me back so I can go on with my life, i.e. kissing.
Since I heard of LBA and realized that I was not alone, I have now found some commonality with LBA and its members and am trying my hardest to wean my- self of the junk. Yesterday I only used it 5 times. It was not easy, but I am trying, because it is now or never. I used the stuff all though out the time I was growing up, and I will be attending college in 2 weeks and don't want to carry the habit there. This is a perfect time to quit.

Maria M. tells us of her lowest point!
My friend introduced me to a new Blistex. It came in a tube that you squeezed, you know, the fancy kind with the pointed applicator, and promised an "advanced moisture system." Well, when we applied it we had to stop what we were doing to enjoy our lips. We could feel those little moisture capsules exploding on our lips, coating them with moisture. We just sat there for a few minutes, with our lips parted, saying nothing except the occasional, "ahhhhh." The stuff was futuristic and amazing. Unfortunately we were using so much that the first "high" wasn't as spectacular anymore. But I found a way. I started using The Body Shop's Lip Scuff before the Blistex. Removing all of the near-dead skin from my lips and revealing new and sensitive lips made the high more intense. My friend cried when I put the Lip Scuff on him, telling me his lips were too sensitive to begin with! Yet he didn't mind the pain once he applied the Blistex. Then we soon found out that drinking very cold water after our ritual added an icy kick. This was two years ago and I don't know if they sell this Blistex anymore, but if you hear anyone talking about how good their Blistex is "because of the 'moisture'" then you better stay away.

Elisabeth E. writes from Sweden.
I have always been happy that my addiction is lip balm, and not drugs or overconsumption of sex or food, for example. I think lip balm must be one of the most "kind" addictions that exists. But nevertheless, I very much would like not to be addicted. I've been using lip balm very frequently for years now, and one of the most stressing situations I know is when I have forgotten my lip balm at home, with no possibility to buy a new one. And I don't like that I might give a nervous impression when I have to put on the lip balm all the time.

Jenny S. should have learned that lip balm is bad.
I have to say, I blame my sister for my lip balm addiction. It was she, when I was just a tiny tot, who would smear Vaseline on my chapped lips for me. It made me gag, but boy, could it moisturize! As the years have gone by, I know I can always count on an abundance of special and unusual lip balms whenever my sister is around. Usually they are procured from health food shops, and are either made from cocoa butter (oh God, the chocolate smell!) or almond oil - they are virtually irresistible. Don't get me started on the Burt's Bees lip balm - it is soooooo smoooooth.......
Gotta go - I think I have a tube of Chap Stick Ultra SPF 30 calling my name. By the way, one of the funniest lip balm moments I have ever experienced occurred in a former coworker's car. It was a hot summer day, and as she blithely popped the top off of the tube, a splash of liquefied goo ruined her new outfit. I learned an important lesson that day.

Laura can quit if she wants to!
Hi, my name is Laura and I know I have a problem with lip balm. I just can't believe I'm not the only one. I always suspected that I wasn't normal in my constant use of lip-lubricating products, but lately I've begun to wonder if it will affect my health and happiness if I don't get a grip. Just recently, my boyfriend confessed that he hates the feel and taste of my lip balm and told me that I don't need to be constantly applying it just for his sake. Other lip balm junkies will laugh as hard as I did for they know that this is a purely selfish habit.
But after I stopped laughing, he told me that my lips have probably lost the ability to produce moisture on their own...I guess I'll be hooked for life, now. I go totally mental if my lips are even slightly dry and I have no lip balm or hope of getting any. A couple of times after waking up in a strange bed I've stumbled dehydrated and disoriented (having lost my lip-balm in a bar or under some loser's bed) into the bathroom and rifled desperately through a stranger's medicine cabinet for something, anything to relieve my anxiety about my lips. I've resorted to skin cream, ozonol, and even deodorant. Truly sad.
Although I recall being pretty into Bonne Bell Lip Smackers as a pre-teen (mostly watermelon and chocolate),I'm not picky about what I use, but right now, I'm pretty into Bonne Bell lip tints in Black Cherry.

We think Cheryl K. really wants to stop!
I feel like I've come home at last. Reading the testimonials at the LBA web site was like finding family that I never knew I had. It was enlightening to realize there are many others out there with my same obsessive behavior regarding lip balms.
My addiction started innocently enough in the seventh grade. There was a "shiny lip" fad going round. Most of the girls I knew used Vaseline to make their lips shiny. There were other, fancy sweet-smelling and tasting products that we used at the time, too, but Vaseline was the one I used most. After the shiny lip fad died down, I tried to stop using Vaseline on my lips and found they were soon red, dry and burning. I switched to the less visible forms of lip comfort, Chap Stick quickly becoming my favorite.
I found I don't like wearing lipstick because it comes between me and my Chap Stick. Over the years, my obsession has grown. I'm 40 years old now and have given up the pretty and frivolous for the functional. No more sweet smelling and tasting lip lotions and potions for me! Give me good old sturdy, dependable Chap Stick. I'm way too serious about my lip balm needs to go for anything else.
I have a Chap Stick everywhere I could possibly be. I keep a tube at my sister's house, my mother's house, by my bedside, in the car, in my computer desk, in the kitchen drawer, in the pretty jar on the living room coffee table, and on and on. I never let any of the tubes get empty without having several replacements on standby, because that panics me.
I had read this web site a few days ago and gave it a laugh, thinking it was kind of cute in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. I guess that's what you'd call denial, because the reality of my lip balm addiction became apparent when I was cooking supper last evening.
OK . . . now for the ultimate confession . . . It had been almost a half hour since I'd used Chap Stick. I was fixing a simple supper, grilled cheese, fries and salad. As I sliced off a piece of margarine to grill the cheese sandwiches, my lips yearned for the creamy feeling of that margarine smeared across them. I impulsively dabbed a bit of margarine onto the tip of my finger and applied it to my lips. Ahhh!! Relief . . . turning to horror as I realized what I'd just done!
I feel really hopeless about every giving lip balm up. I read some of the scoffing remarks of the nay-sayers who think this web site is some sort of exaggerated joke. Admittedly, there are worse addictions, but this can be darned inconvenient and expensive after a while. I actually get panicky if I can't get Chap Stick on my lips when I need it.
I've even tried getting my son, niece and nephew hooked on Chap Stick, buying it for them and encouraging them to use it constantly. None of the three have succumbed, but I didn't manage to get my brother-in-law addicted, come to think of it. He's outdoors a lot - a plumber - and always had chapped lips. I started giving him a tube of Chap Stick every time I saw him. Now I notice he's always applying it.
Well, this has turned into quite a saga, but I wanted to share my experiences with you. Thanks for letting me vent!

Giles B. recognizes the problem... but needs to act!
A few years ago I had a girlfriend who, I now see, was addicted to Body Shop lip balm, in particular the apricot variety. She went mad if she ever ran out - sometimes I had to make special trips into the center of town to buy emergency supplies. She probably had 4 or 5 lip-balms on the go at any given time, stashed all round the house.

Personally, I have a mild thing for original Chap Stick. About 2 hits a day. I can handle it! Honest...

Jessica G. finds balm at gas stations.
Ironically this evening before I read your site, I pulled into the first gas station on my way to a friend's solely for the reason of procuring a lip emollient of any kind. "Where's your Chap Stick?" (which is not my fave, but I use it in an all encompassing manner) I barked at the clerk. He offered to get it for me, but I wouldn't have any of that. "I need to choose." Well, there wasn't too much selection just a few dusty tubes of faux Chap Stick and a lovely hanging card of tubed Carmex which I promptly grabbed, paid for and ran to my car to smear the lovely goop on my parched lips.( Has the phallic design of these lip balm tubes been discussed?) I can't recall my exact age of initiation into the dark cult of lip balm, but I do remember being enthralled in middle school with the Village tins of lip balm (cherry and peppermint) which slid open to reveal a thin through of balm. Even better was the large tins which encased two lines of different flavors. Then it was the Kissing Slicks with their syrupy goo, then glosses with a sponge applicator which my classmates and I would pass around like a joint in class. My most coveted product was a roll-on gloss similar to Kissing Slicks with a Baskin Robbins best friend acquired one on vacation much to my chagrin. Now as a adult I find myself a complete lip balm slut, brands don't matter as a much as the need for non-chapped lips. Ok, Carmex is my favorite (its the Alum which dries your lips up, prolonging that vicious cycle), but yet I sit here with a pot of Body Shop kiwi lip balm, smearing it on my kisser. God knows how many tubes and pots reside in my pockets and purse. I wear lipstick, but it just doesn't provide the same effect when I am having a lip balm seizure. Many a night has been ruined from lack of balm. Like a junkie I beg friends and strangers, "have balm?" When I apply the products I go into another state--unaware and satiated. It is not unusual for me to arrive home looking like Diane Lane in "Wild at Heart" with a tinted balm covering a large portion of my face. I have attempted to quit after a concerned friend cornered me with my problems, but it is not the right time. I mean its winter, its windy and cold and I think I need to go because that Kiwi smelllllllllllllll...............

Richard R. needs encouragement to start his recovery. Go for it, Richard!
I'm an addict too. Thank you for your web site. I had no idea until tonight that I was an addict and that there are so many of us out there. I know I'm hooked but don't have the courage to start a recovery plan. I have a tube of lip balm in every coat pocket and keep Vaseline in 4 or 5 locations through out the house. I can't be far from a fix!!! I've printed your 12 steps and will read and reread the testimonies.

If you answer yes to any one question, you may have a problem, Jennifer H.
I have always considered my self a "functional" lip balm addict. Though I have used Blistex for 15 years, and more recently Softlips, on a more than regular basis, it has never caused problems (other than friends making jokes about my keeping these companies in business). I MUST have lip balm...however, I have never gone to any extremes to get it. I took your self evaluation for fun, and found that I answered YES to very few items. So I guess that it has not gotten out of hand yet. LBA experts would say that I am in denial...that's ok. At least my lips look and feel soft and no one is hurt in the process.

Kelly K. got her child hooked, but is seeking help!
Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a Lip Balm addict. My lip balm of choice is Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. I have close to 30 of them. I thought it was just a phase when I started buying them when I was in 4th grade - I am 30 years old now. I had the jumbo size ones that they don't sell anymore, and some had a string on them to wear around your neck so you would never lose them. I have using dreams about those jumbo Bonne Bells. My favorite kind is pina colada, followed closely by blueberry. Although Bonne Belles are my LB of choice, I need to admit that I am powerless over all lip balms, including lip stick. I am a lip stick junkie. I have literally close to 100 lipsticks. When I am depressed, I run to the mall for a fix. When asked what I want for Christmas or my Birthday, I ask for lipstick or Bonne Belles.
Now I must tell you the worst part. I know addiction is a disease, often hereditary. I have a 3 year old son, Max, who is also an addict. I feel so guilty. He has a little Lancome bag that he has all of his "lips" in, (as he calls them). He likes rootbeer and bubble gum. My god, he couldn't have bought it for himself. He has no income, he can't drive, and even if he could get to a store on his own, he isn't tall enough to see the cashier. I am totally enabling him in his addiction. This addiction has caused problems with my husband. He gets mad at me because when we get our charge statements, there are Lancome, Origins, Estee Lauder, etc. (you name it) charges all over and they are ALL from lipsticks. It's easy to hide my Bonne Bell purchases because they are cheap and I pay cash. I know I am somewhat in denial of my disease. My best friend has a lot of lip balms, and her life isn't unmanageable. I don't know what to do. I need at least to get a sponsor, but I will be stuck on the first step for awhile, due to my denial, although I can clearly see my addiction has made my life unmanageable. Thank you for letting me share.

Days later, Kelly sent us an update.
Hi, this is Kelly, and I am addicted to Lip Balms. I have a confession to make. Right after I sent in my testimony the other day, admitting that I am powerless over lip balms, I immediately logged into Bonne Bell where I sent them 6 new flavor suggestions. Am I somewhat in denial? I go back and forth thinking I have accepted the 1st step, but apparently I haven't. I have asked my higher power for the WILLINGNESS to accept my powerlessness. I guess that is all I can do for now. I know they say "One Day At A Time" but with me, these past few days, it has been one minute at a time. My lips feel dry and peeley, and I need something. I was thinking of putting good old Vaseline on my lips, but wasn't sure if that was a relapse. I am trying to keep it simple, but I literally crave my pina colada Bonne Bell. My 3 year old keeps tempting me - "Mommy, want some lips" he says while holding an open container in my face. "No thank you" I say, and he looks at me as if I am a lunatic. We have always used together and I think he is annoyed because my not using is making him look at HIMself and HIS using, and no one ever wants to use alone. Thanks for letting me share. I feel much better now.

Kathrine R. knows the source of her addiction!
For a while now, I have had a nagging suspicion that I am addicted to Lip Balm. It wasn't until I found myself at your web page that I realized what I had suspected was true.
I have an undeniable need to use Lip Balm. I can't walk out of the house without at least five kinds of Lip Balm. It is so bad that I can't even stick to one brand, I have to have one of each. Sometimes, if I'm running short on Lip Balm because my washer has eaten them, I will walk out of the house WITHOUT LIP BALM! This results in my constant nagging of fellow friends, even strangers for Lip Balm. I will be so desperate to use Lip Balm I won't even be safe about using other people's balm! I have also been known to mix products! My problem is getting out of hand!
Unfortunately, I know what I must do, but I can't bring myself to quit. I NEED LIP BALM! The roots of my need goes back to my childhood. My mother always told me never to lick my lips. Of course, being a child, I deliberately disobeyed and the habit stuck. Because of the incessant lip licking, my lips get extremely chapped. Thus, the addiction to Lip Balm. Also, I am a clarinetist and the constant playing can sap all water from my lips. I don't know what I can do! How can I continue a normal, healthy life as a clarinetist without chapped lips and Lip Balm? I have tried the technique of just ignoring the pain and dry lips, but it affects my playing! Please Help!

Brad R. found hope here!
Hello. My name is Brad, and I'm a Lip Balm addict. I first started by using the Vaseline intensive care for chapped lips. From there it didn't take long. Carmex is now my poison. At times I find it difficult to go without my Carmex for more than 15 minutes. I found out about this site from a friend after I mentioned to him that I can't stand going without my Carmex. I realize now that there are many more people just like me who can't go without their fix. In the morning, during school, in my car, at work, after meals, before I go to bed, it doesn't matter I need my Carmex. Sometimes I even awake in the night to use my Carmex. I can't get away from it. I have two tubes and a can in my car, the same in my locker, a tube by my bed, and I never go anywhere without a tube in my pocket. Knowing that you are here makes me feel much better about my problem. Maybe now I can start to deal with my problem now. Thanks a lot.

Mindy C.'s addiction causes problems at with friends and lovers!
I have been using every kind of lip balm since.....Well I don't know. Since I can remember. But I don't think I want to quit. I like it too much. I carry it everywhere. If I don't have it I ask even strangers(which isn't healthy) if they have any I can borrow. At the current time I have about 8 tubes. One for each jacket, my backpack, my pants, my purse, and my car. It is out of control. Well I don't think I can quit but I will try to cut down. Believe it or not when I'm intimate with my boyfriend I will stop everything to go find some Chap Stick. In the middle of the night I will turn on every light wake all my roommates up until I find some.

Anonymous has drug smuggling techniques
As far as the gateway effect, you might be interested in a little trick I learned of (haven't tried it myself): Apparently, a fresh jar of Carmex makes a perfect cocaine dispenser--dig a hole in the Carmex itself, pour in an amount of cocaine, smooth over the top, put it on a radiator for a couple of minutes, then mush it around some. You can apply the cocaine-infused Carmex to your lips and supposedly this works pretty well, as well as being almost 100% detection-proof. I guess your lips would get pretty numb, though, which wouldn't feel too great.
One of my own principal balm addictions is something I picked up in Germany called Almisan. White tube, blue lettering, neutral translucent substance. Very lanolin-y tasting. The interesting thing is that when you twist the knob on the end to raise the product, the entire column of balm turns with it! The secret is that unlike Chap Stick, the screw post doesn't drive the soft balm directly, but the plastic base of the column. This also makes the action much more reliable in hot weather, when Chap Sticks sometimes fail, the screw-shaft losing purchase on the softened product.

Emma S. is not alone
I am a Swedish girl who really have a problem with lip balm. I use it every day, several times every hour. My friends tell me that I am using too much lip balm (mostly Lypsyl and Labello). I have been using lip balm all my life, but the last two or three years have really been terrible. I have to apply lip balm not only one, but three or four times every time I eat, when I am going to bed, at school...Well I guess you understand if you too have a problem. I thought that I was the only person on earth with this problem. I suppose I am not. I was really happy to find your page, I feel a kind of relived. I hope to stop using lip balm.

Sweden's Roger H. is starting his recovery!
When I was eight or nine years old, my lips would dry out in the Wintertime (I live in northern Sweden). So, I bought a stick of Sweden's most common brand (Lypsyl) and started using it. I remember, very vividly, standing on top of a hill with skis strapped on, applying lip balm in the bleak winter sunlight. Some years later I was confined to a hospital for a stomach problem, and I remember calling a nurse (possibly at night) and urging her into fetching me some. She must have been shocked by my desire, because I really needed it. Then, just recently I had to do military service and wherever I was, lying in a muddy pit with an AK5, sleeping in a stinking tent with 15 other guys, etc. I just HAD to bring my balm! It was simply the most important thing: Where is my lip balm? Ahh... So now, after reading these pages, I will try to stop. I haven't used it as long as I've been here, for a start.

Chris is into recovery and exposing the balm makers!
My name is Chris and I'm a Lip Balm Addict!!!
I am writing to let everyone know about some new threats to our recovery. There is a brand that I did not notice on the LBA page. It is Natural Glow. Natural Glow makes lip balms in two different pots. One container is round and small with a twist-off lid like Carmex, and another is a large, oval metal tin with lift-off lid. The twist-off variety lip balm pots come in dangerously attractive aromas like Clear Blackberry and Clear Tropical Fruit. The Lip Treats in tins with the lift-off lids have such flavors as Coconut and Watermelon. Natural Glow also makes a roll-on lip gloss, and automatic lip gloss with a wand applicator, a matte lipstick, and stick gloss (among others), all in tantalizing flavors and colors. It used to be pretty easy to lose the sticks, or leave them in the car so they would melt. Then I discovered the pots of 'lip shit,' (that's what I call the finger-dip-in stuff) which, even if they melt in the car or beach bag, only become easier to shmeeeear on my face. In fact, I think there is something especially nice about applying WARM lip balm! The roll-on and wand applicator lip glosses are effectively impervious to heat AND cold!
Another company that has made my recovery especially difficult is Bonne Belle. A lip balm stick with a special lid is made to be hung from a necklace that they provide. How can I stay away from my lip balm if it is always hanging around? Actually, I don't even need a special lid to carry my balm around my neck; I have a special lip balm holder (made by Super Coil) that is made to carry any stick gloss the size of a Chap Stick. It also holds my keys! I would like to share the info on the back of the package: "The Lip Balm Holder on a break away neck lanyard also holds a set of keys. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, the elements take their toll. Everyone can better brave the elements with their keys and lip balm conveniently at their fingertips."

Shirley H. is on the road to recovery!
I never knew something so easy to use would be so addictive. I thought there were laws preventing such things from happening. I guess I was wrong. About a year ago I realized my addiction. I reached into my pocket where my lip balm is kept, but it wasn't there. I checked my other pockets, my bag, the floor around me, but it was no where to be found. I had left my 4 reserve tubes at home (after cleaning out my bag). I was so desperate. I ended up asking people around me, some of whom I didn't know, for some. Some people gave me strange looks, but others just shook their heads. I eventually found some, and although it wasn't my favourite brand, I had found great satisfaction. Now I am happy to say that since that day I've been cutting back on my use, and my cravings aren't as bad. I want to thank my family and friends for helping me through such hard times. They were very understanding. And, for all of those people out too can overcome the addiction.

Eric M. has gender issues
I know this sounds kind of strange, but I eat lip balm. I love the taste and the texture. My favorite flavor is The Body Shop's Honey Stick. People are like, a guy wearing lip balm? He must be gay! But I'm not! Lip balm is addictive. I answered those forty questions, and over twenty of them were yes! Oh, poor me. I wear lip gloss too. I love the feeling. Sometimes I wish I were born a girl. They can wear lip gloss without feeling like they shouldn't. It's sexist against guys! Please help me. I have a problem and I'm not afraid to admit it. I AM addicted to lip gloss.

Mike T. now needs the doctor again!
When I was sixteen my doctor gave me a prescription for a medication that makes your skin less oily. He warned me that while I was using it my lips might become extremely dry. After being on the medication for a couple of days, I went out and bought a tube of cherry Chap Stick. My lips became very dry, and I started to apply the Chap Stick constantly. My friends began telling me I looked like I was wearing lip stick. Still I could not stop putting it over using it. I was determined to stick to a flavored lip balm. I discovered the berry Blistex tubes at the supermarket. Instantly, I noticed the tingle as I rubbed it on my needing lips. I was hooked.
I have been off the medication for a year and a half now, but I am no where near being off my Blistex. I smear it on at least once every hour. On average I run through about one tube every three days. At night, before bed, I cake it on with a little Carmex, too. My sweet smelling lip balm is placed by the side of my bed because I know I will wake up multiple times during the night to coat on some more.
Last night at a concert my tube ran out. Man, I wish they had meters on them to show if the were almost empty! Anyway, I couldn't stop licking my lips. The whole concert was ruined because all I could think about was getting more Blistex. My lips actually hurt without it! It was then I realized I had a serious problem, but I know I'll probably never stop using.

Weird testimony from Sibbo (his brain is obviously fried)
i am addicted. so? JOY IN THE GUTTER!!! JOY IN THE GUTTER!!! HAHAHAH!!!! i love carmex and when i was little i ate bubble gum lip smaker RIGHT OUT OF THE TUBE!!HAHAHAHAHA!!! i think i have some vanilla downstairs. oh yeah

Rachael writes:
I am here to thank you for acknowledging a problem that I think others are trying hard to cover up. That problem is lip balm addiction. I myself became a lip balm addict about two years ago. I never used to worry much about my lips, but I noticed that my best friend had started carrying lip balm around with her. She always stuck it in her little pocket (the 5th pocket in jeans) and pulled it out several times a day. I started noticing it and though it looked like a good idea, so I went a got myself some. It all started with Bonne Bell Lip Smackers in Vanilla. Now I am a truly crazed Lip Smackers fan. I try to own as many different flavors as I can at a time. Right now I have Red Raspberry, Starfruit, Strawberry Banana, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Vanilla, Chocolate, Peach, Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Kiwi, and Mango. They keep coming out with new gimmicks to keep my (and the other consumers) buying. Their newest trick is to sell only certain flavors in packs of three. To get a peach Lip Smacker, I am also required to buy two flavors I don't really want, Pink Lemonade and Cherry. This is a plot to make us spend more $$$. But we do buy them because we must. The idea of never owning and truly enjoying the taste of that fresh peach balm across our lips is too much to handle. So we cave in. The same thing is true for several flavors other than peach. I just hope that the lip balm industry never realizes the link between their tubes of balm and the handiness of that 5th pocket in jeans or they might start cross-promoting and getting money from Lee, Levi's, the Gap, Bongo, etc. to show their handy fifth pocket as the coolest way to carry lip balm. And the addictive cycle will continue forever...

Heidi B. needs to break free from her addicted friends!
My problem started when I was just 12 years old and esculated rapidly during my visit to the USA 2 years ago(I'm Australian). While there I discovered the heaven that is Passionfruit Lip Smacker. Since that fateful day, my dependency has become ridiculosly huge. I have every known brand of Lip Smacker and carry at least 2 with me at ALL times. I am fastidious about applying and the thought of dry lips makes me shiver in contempt. Worse of all, I carried my addiction back with me to Australia,where it has affected people far and wide. My of my friends now are habitual users and I dont know what to do!

Akimi shows balm leads to the "hard stuff."
I had heard about this page on the local radio station and had found it humorous that there is a whole website devoted to this addiction I have always known I've had. However, now that I have read the others' bouts with LBA, I am frightened that I may be worse off than my fellow addicts.
I cannot even remember when I started, I just know that I was "using" way before the other kids around me (me and Drew Barrymore, both). And I have never stopped! I didn't go for the Chap Stick, either. It just didn't "seal" as well as the other, "glossier" products. So, for me, it was Vaseline early on, but I'm not talking about Vaseline Lip Therapy...I'm talking about using Vaseline straight out of the container. Yeah, pure petroleum jelly in a jar!!! Fortunately for me, they have come out with the more compact tubes of Lip Therapy for when I am on-the-go, but I keep that master jar at home and use from it every chance I get. I brush my teeth, then I brush my lips so I can get a smoooooth Vaseline application. I wear it alone, I layer it under and on top of lipstick... And lately, my addiction has taken a more horrific turn: I am approaching 25 and just recently read an interview with Jennifer Aniston in which she revealed she dabs Vaseline on her eyelashes before bed to prevent wrinkles from forming while she sleeps. So, you can only imagine what I have been doing lately. When will this insanity cease?!?!?

Jennifer F. is on the right track!
I thought it was cool and fashionable. So I put it on my mouth. Now it gives me a headache, and it makes me hungry. Torture! I need support. I almost don't want to give up the lip balm. But alas, I know I need to learn to use lip balm responsibly...

Joseph T.Penned this little ditty:
Lip Gloss Junkie
She was a lip gloss junkie,
Some of that shit she put on her lips was funky,
We're not just talking Chap Stick,
No not this chick,
Sauerkraut flavored lip balm,
Or anything else she could get her hands on,
Five layers thick,
It just dripped off her lip,
She used so much it gave her a cold sore,
But still she used more and more,
She was a lip gloss addict,
She would have convulsions if she didn't have it,
She used so much she got cancer of the lip,
Man I told her to lay off that shit!,
Now both lips are gone,
And her lip balm days are done,
Well I guess it's her loss,
She should of laid off the lip gloss-

Barbara C. knows about the Industry of Addiction!
It was with great relief indeed that I found your organization. I have been an addict for the last eight years. (I call lip balm "stick" and, like many others, have "desk stick", "car stick", "purse stick", "bedside stick", "coat pocket stick", etc.).
What really makes me angry is an article I read about two months ago in Glamour Magazine. In it, the article supposedly exposed beauty myths, one of which they claimed was the "myth" that lip balm is addictive! I want to warn everyone out there that magazines like this are obviously subsidized by the lip balm lobbyists to keep addicts like us in denial. In fact, I have heard rumors among other addicts that they believe that the lip balm PACs are getting stronger balms on the marketplace by bribing FDA officials.
This has got to stop! I urge everyone to write their members of congress to demand the outlaw of subliminal lip balm advertising and a complete and exhaustive investigation into its manufacture and passage through regulatory agencies.

Mike J. has problems staying on the wagon, but he's trying!
It's been a rough year. I stumbled, I fell, I couldn't get up. Thank Rao for the little electric thingy I wear. I admit it. I backslid. But it wasn't my fault! See, I'd just gotten married and was honeymooning out west. It was June, we were in the desert southwest. We'd already been through Texas and were well into New Mexico when my lips dried out. Not just dry, mind you, but the kind of dry were little peels of skin were coming loose and, like a maddened dog chewing at an injured limb I was peeling it off with my front teeth. More salt, more pain. It was driving me wild. Grabbing the wheel of our car from my wife's hands I slowed us into the last remaining spot at a Shell station and sprinted for the door. With a wild look in my eyes and my lips pulling back in a feral growl I lunged for the Blistex, mint flavoured with an SPF factor. I didn't even wait to pay for it, I cracked it open and spread it on with an abandon rivaled only by liquor starved Englishmen in the desert upon seeing a pub.
Glorious, glorious relief!! I handed the attendantron a fiver and left the change. I kept that little tube of relief with me for weeks, slatherring at need. It wasn't until we had returned to the righteously humid midwest that my lips began to rehydrate and I began my recovery...again. After many weeks of withdrawal I was once again balm free. My doctor has stated that I must remain in places with at least 80% humidity and clouds. *sigh* Never again will I be allowed to see the sun blasted hills and mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.
The east is not free of need either. The temperature is now in the single digits and the wind chill is 20 below. I feel my lips drying....god help me!!!!

Wintech writes:
A few years back I purchased my first carton of Carmex. I'd heard about possible addictions, but just blew them off and even found them quite humorous. However, I was quite in the wrong. After about two months of carrying the little carton around in my back pocket, I couldn't live without it. At first it was just like a ring, you know when you forget to wear your ring and you keep realizing you don't have it all day long. But, then it got worse. My lips felt so dry and cracked. I would get paranoid that I was getting a lip fungus or something. I couldn't kiss my boyfriend with out Carmex. I just couldn't, and I couldn't. I wouldn't go out in public without my Carmex for fear of people seeing what I thought was horribly dry, cracked lips. Finally one day, my boyfriend told me I had to stop. I had to get help. I told him he was crazy. I told him I could stop anytime. Looking back, I feel I did when I tried to stop smoking. I thought I could quit, but I couldn't. I had to go to a lip balm specialist in a nearby town. It sounds crazy, but it actually worked. He offered me a substitute for Carmex. It was an original creation of baking powder and a few other herbs and spices. He told me it was a secret recipe. I had doubts, I thought he was just a crazy quack. But I now realize that if it weren't for "Doug" (he's asked to remain anonymous), I probably wouldn't be alive today. Maybe that's a little extreme, but that's how hooked I was. I can't reveal "Doug's" name or his specific tactics.

But just to everyone out there - you need to get help. You can't just keep lathering the Blistex and Carmex and Vaseline on. You have to stop sometime, and you have to realize that you need to stop. The symptoms are easy to spot: diarrhea, hysteria, head aches, paranoia, extreme pain, e.t.c. I hope I am able to help someone by giving my testimony today. Get help.

Kristine K. is right. She is in denial!
I use lip balm and am proud of it. I have a jar of Carmex and a stick of lime flavor sitting next to may bed, a tube with a screw on lid (so it can't melt out) in my car, a stick of jelly bean in my desk at work, a tube of medicated in my purse and a stash of every flavor, Avon and Lip Smackers put out. I use it, instead of lipstick, when I put on my makeup for work. I don't have a problem with it, it's not breaking me financially, see, unlike you addicts, I buy in bulk when it is on sale, so I save money!! And except for when I'm shopping or sleeping, I use flavored balm, because it smells fruity and when I kiss my fiance he feels it on is an aphrodesiac. Now how can that be bad? I know you will say I'm in denial, but I love Lipbalm.

Eileen R. isn't ready yet!
My name is Eileen and I am way too well known among my friends as someone who always needs Chap Stick. One high school I went to had one of those goofy senior wills sections; I was presently willed a life-time supply of Chap Stick.
It's been way over ten years since my "inheritance" and there's been way too many instances where I wished those damn "senior wills" weren't a sentimental joke.
I guess it started with just plain old Chap Stick. My Carmex phase in my late teens and early twenties were the darkest days of all, but it's not like things have gotten much better. I have an amazing variety of stuff on hand all the time. I swear, I select my lip goo to coordinate with my clothing ensemble. Going with pockets? Great, I can bring along a medium-size container of Vaseline. Just a small coin purse? Better tote along that strangely expensive but small and slim brand "soft lips".
I'm not ready to give this up...I don't know how, I'm scared-but I want to be free of needing Chap Stick. It's not fair, I have a beautiful mouth, I really do, and it pisses me off that I depend on this cacophony of emulsifiers to enjoy what God gave me. Has anyone noticed that sometimes your lips just "clear up"-they are normal and perfect, and you say to yourself, ok, great, from this point on, I'll just stop. One wipe with a paper napkin after lunch later, and it's please, just let me put my lips in that deep fat fryer behind the counter, please.

Melissa S. thinks we're jealous of her. We're not!
My name is Melissa and I am an addict. I have been using Lypsol since I was in grade four. I am now nineteen and I am a habitual user. I use it when I wake up and numerous times throughout the day and night, usually every ten minutes or so, and when I go to bed I put it under my pillow in case I wake up in the middle of the night and need a hit. People have tried to get me off it but I tend to get violent. My boyfriend went as far as to throw it out my friends car window as we were driving down the road. I was driving and needless to say I slammed that Grand Prix in reverse and went back to search for my Lypsol. I don't think anyone has ever done that to me before. It would have been a violent situation had it been anyone else. I get all my close friends addicted to it also. All of my family, ex-boyfriends, my closest girlfriends can't live without it. I buy it as presents for people and people give it to me for presents. My love of my life is trying to kick the habit, however by kissing me he gets mine so there is no point in trying to quit. I go through a tube every six days. My brand is Wild Cherry Labello. Tonight I am almost out so when Steve gets off work we will head to the drugstore for my fix. To all you Lypsol users out there, don't listen to the non-users, they are jealous because their lips aren't as soft as ours!

Liam M. started at twelve!
My name is Liam and I'll be 22 at the end of October. My addiction to lip balm began when I was twelve in Ibiza, Spain. It was a blistering summer and I had a really bad case of chapped lips. It was so bad that I had to jump frequently in the pool just to soothe the chapness a little. Eventually I went to the pharmacy and bought a Spanish lip balm. After the chapness cleared away, I found myself still using it. I would wake up, and still do, every morning with dry lips and start looking for some lip balm. My friends always laughed that I had to apply some lip balm every so often. I always had some in my pocket, and if I forgot it... I'd get some even if I had to scrape the very bottom of a Chap Stick tube. I liked Chap Stick, it came in some pretty good flavors, I liked the mint one the best. It wasn't until I moved back to the states that I discovered the aristocracy of all lip balms, Carmex. I still remember the ecstatic feeling as it tingled every nerve in my lips. It doesn't tingle so much now, but the smell brings back a lot of good memories. Carmex is definitely my favorite, but I remember trying a lip balm made of bees wax that was pretty good. Someday I would love to give up the habit, but I don't think I can. During the summer months I can usually go a day without an application, but during the winter months I have to apply some every hour or so. Someone told me that I could lose all sensation in my lips if I use Carmex too often, is this true, because I'll certainly miss the feeling of a kiss, and the tingling of Carmex. I'm not very worried though. I tell myself that being addicted to Carmex is a parade compared to being addicted to really harmful stuff like alcohol and hard drugs.

D in CA needs a fix!
Yes, dear people, I, too, am a Chap Stick addict. I use it morning, noon, evening, and even when I get up in the middle of the night to, uh, well, relieve myself. Without Chap Stick I feel dry, unprotected, literally undressed. I have Chap Stick downstairs, upstairs, in my car, at work, in my purse.
Recently I attended a family function and found that my 2 sisters'-in-law are also lip balm addicts, although neither use my preferred brand. We thought how funny it would be for Seinfeld to do an episode on lip balm addiction!
I crack up to think that there is a website like this. In closing, I do hope I hear from you soon. I must go now, lips are feeling in need of a fix!
Yours for suppler lips, D in CA.

Jennifer A. needs to realize all balms are bad!
I found your page while I was trying to find a recipe to make my own lip balm. I too am addicted to lip drug, (what I like to call it), and have been for many years. I have often wondered if others felt addicted to the stuff and I got a kick out of finding your home page.
I think stuff like Chap Stick and Carmex is what got me hooked. The petroleum base in these products are the nasty culprits, I think! But I would like to say that I don't think it is so bad if you make your own! I have made my own several times and use herbs and natural ingredients that don't dry the lips. And it is easy to make and makes a great gift to fellow addicts.

We rarely get such a strong opinion as we got from Cory C.
So I am addicted. It doesn't affect my life! I am perfectly happy with my lip balm use, and even though I have at least four different kinds in my backpack, and at least one in my coat or with me where ever I go, I am okay with it. I love my lip balm, and I am proud of my excessive use of it! LIP BALM LOVERS UNITE!!!!!

What's so funny about our page, Jettkarm?
I'm coated right now--but then again, I always am!--I LOVE your page and have found it's the only humor page that I have repeatedly visited, in one guise or another.
Thank you for taking the time and having the great sense of humor that you spite of my crippling lip balm addiction, I am a happier woman...I have laughed, so hard I've cried...but thank God lip balm is waterproof!
--Jett...emBalmed...but who says you have to die to have a heavenly time, eh?

S. White writes from from the land of denial:
I have to admit, I do use lip balm everyday. But the important thing is, I don't abuse it. I started this "addiction" two years ago. My first choice was the wax-based Blistex, but after a friend told me that "Wax is for candles, Vaseline Advanced Lip Therapy's for lips" I decided to make the switch.
And oh, was I pleasantly surprised.
It really is true, protection does last for up to six hours, if you put enough of it on. I find that if I put it on right before I go to sleep, my lips aren't dry in the morning.
For me, Vaseline Advanced Lip Therapy has worked wonders. It doesn't dry out in a half-hour, like wax-based Blistex.
Sure, it may make you look a bit silly in public, but if you want moist lips, it's worth it.
Your Web Page has yet to show me any scientific evidence that any of the ingredients in Vaseline Advanced Lip Therapy might be detrimental to my lips, so I'm just going to keep using it.
If you lick your lips constantly, because you enjoy the taste of some wax-based, flavored lip balm, then I can see why it might be detrimental. I personally believe that many people have problems with lip balm because they use them TOO MUCH.
But there are people out there who truly need lip balm, and who do not abuse it, whom I feel your website does a disservice to, in that you so quickly condemn the use of ALL lip balms, for any and every application. (Did you read that we're not opposed to balm use for medical purposes? -Ed)

Andrea C. won't give it up!
While I applaud your Web site and the take comfort in the fact that I am not alone in my addiction, I am not ready to lay down the blessed tube of wax. I admit that I have performed worse on tests, faked orgasms, and have experienced many near car accidents all because of my preoccupation with the timing of my next fix. But oh the joy of lip balm... can I live with out it??? It is everywhere... I carry three tubes on my at all time, I have them strategically located in my kitchen, bathroom, bed room, car, coat, boy friend's house and living room. Its been with me through it all. Thanks for being here for me though. And good luck to those struggling to overcome their addiction.

Stephanie is hurt financially but doesn't care.
My name is Stefanie and I have over 30 Bonne Belle lipglosses. Although a financial drain, I do not see this as a problem, in fact flavored lipgloss can help people to lose weight!!! That's right, if I have a craving for chocolate, I can go up to my bathroom and get out my Chocolate Milk lipgloss to give me a lift. I also love Bath and Body Works lipglosses, which not only have great flavor, but also an SPF of 15. So all you users out there, don't fret lipgloss is our FRIEND!!!!!!

Rachel F. needs to go all the way!
I cannot tell you how excited/relieved I was to find your Lip Balm Anonymous Home Page. It is so comforting to know that not only I am the only person with this problem, but also that there is hope for me. I must first come clean---the stories on your server all pale in comparison to mine. I have been dependent on lip balm since I was a young child. Within the last 6 years I have become completely addicted. I will not leave my house without at least three of them in my pocket or bag, and I make sure that each of my coats have one left in the pocket for emergency situations. I leave the cap off of it on my desk all day, so that it is ready whenever I need it. I keep it open on my night stand so it is ready to go for those crucial night time applications. I even keep lip balm in the pocket of my bathrobe in case I need a fix while I am in the shower. I leave lip balm in the glove compartment of my car, in the desk at work, and at the homes of my friends in case an emergency situation arises. And I don't dabble in the Chap Stick--I am hooked on the expensive stuff. I have been buying "Lip Doctor" and Loreal deep moisturizing balms. I have recently become hooked on the new lip balm at the Gap as well as those sold at stores like Bath and Body Works and the Body Shop. I have tubes, name it I have done it. I apply lip balm at least once every five to ten minutes. My roommates can always tell which glasses I have drank from because I leave a lip balm ring around the rim. I can never get away with stealing a sip of anyone's drink, for the taste of my lip balm is so easily detected. I always make sure that I am wearing something with a pocket to put my lip balm in. My friends recognize my problem, and have even hidden my lip balm from me in an effort to break the cycle of my addiction. But I ALWAYS have a secret stash somewhere. I have noticed that my friends are all very conscious of their lips when they are around me, it is like being around me makes them put lip balm on too. All of my friends buy me lip balm too. If they see a new exotic flavor they set me up. But my most treasured lip balms are those that one of my friends bought me as he traveled around Europe, I have lip balm from France, England, Greece, Spain, Germany, and Italy. My lips get around. So as you can most likely surmise from this point, I have a true problem. I am only 21 years old--help me before it is too late!!!!! I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Although I don't think I will ever be able to completely give it up, I know I have to cut it down to only a few times a day.

Rachel F. is now on the road to recovery!
Rachel F., the one you referred to as "needing to go all the way" to break her addiction to lip balm, has successfully gone 24 hours without lip balm! Maybe this is the first step for me....

Rubato A. has to live with her actions as an addict. Make amends if you can!
I was driving on a cross country trip. I became more and more obsessed with the dryness of my lips...until I could think of nothing else. I reached and reached all over the car as I was driving across I-40....hopelessly, helplessly, desperately trying to seek the soothing feel of the balm on my lips. I couldn't find it. Finally, I took my hands off the steering wheel completely....searching in my purse until ................waking up in the hospital days later to find that I had caused an accident I would never be able to live down. I can't even discuss the details. It's too horrifying. I can't even think about those poor people who drowned in all that maple syrup. As I slowly came to grips with who I am...I began to recover. I still have dry lips. It's a problem, no doubt about it. But I've learned to drink more water and to utilize safer ways of caring for my lips. I'm free.

Wayne V. found salvation here!
Gosh, I never knew one could be addicted to lip balm until after I read the Lip Balm Anonymous pages!! I knew I had a problem. Suddenly, I HAD TO HAVE a tube of lip balm or a jar of it near by. I cannot go without lip balm for very long without my lips drying up and when I try to smile, they crack. I can't possibly NOT use it because I work around many people all day and when my lips get chapped, they peel and have white old skin around and my trying to bite them off causes more chapping from spittle touching it. Gosh, my friend's use to say it was probably a vitamin deficiency on why my lips always got so red. Some even teased me saying are you wearing lip stick? (I'm a heterosexual male). Now I believe its all coming together.

Wayne V. found help from LBA!
I told a friend of mine about this LBA, and he laughed in my face. I went today cold turkey without one smudge of Chap Stick or Carmex, and gosh my lips turned super red. They were chapped at first and flaky white with old skin around the outer edges, but I kept reminding myself of the testimonials I read and unfortunately, when I did confront people I had to hide my crusty lips so I started pinching them together and then it started to get red and it burned for a while till the day was over at work. Now its about 10pm and I haven't licked my lips or anything, they are starting to feel really good naturally. Hopefully they won't be as chapped tomorrow or peel as bad, and I'll have normal lips again. LBA has been a great inspiration and I hope it continues to do well. The most important thing is, I have a big date coming up this weekend, and if I can get off this stuff completely, it would be a great relief to me in not having to take a dab of Carmex right after dinner or after a drink etc.

Kalten is a 17-year addict!
It's funny, I started using Chap Stick when a dermatologist put me on acutane when I was about 17. He told me that one of the side effects was drying of lips, so I started using the stuff. 17 years later I am still using Chap Stick several times a day. I have wondered why my lips are still so dry that I have to use it so often, especially since the prescription was about a 6 month duration. I blamed it on the acutane, another drug that "practicing phycisians" just didn't know much about. Come to find out it's the stick itself. Looks like I have yet another addiction to break. Wish me luck.

Wally C. will try recovery!
It was interesting seeing your web page devoted to lip balm addicts. I never leave the house without my Chap Stick, and never get myself into a situation in which I don't or can't have access to it (e.g., airplanes, long meetings, sleeping, etc.). Also, I think I may be the master at getting the most balm from one tube. The best way to get the remaining balm in the end of a tube is to scrape it out with a toothpick, and the last few precious amounts can be gathered using a cotton swab. My Chap Stick is such an extension of my body that I can do hand tricks with it, toss it into the air and catch it in a myriad of ways, and I like to use the cap as a "hat" for my fingers (as well as making popping sounds off my fingers). I've been balming for about 14 years now and, after seeing all the other folks with the same addiction, will try your suggestions for quitting. I'll keep you posted. Finally, I can't stand two things: 1) when the Chap Stick in your pocket gets inadvertently twisted and subsequently damaged; and, 2) leaving my Chap Stick in my pocket and it ending up in the's all mushed (but still usable)...

Yiftach L. is allergic!
A year or so ago, while on vacation in Israel, I developed a terrible condition, whereby the skin on my lips dried and peeled literally to the point that my lips were falling off... Naturally, I used more and more lip balm to try and stem the deterioration, but nothing worked... Eventually I stopped using the products, and after a couple of weeks my lips improved. Jump ahead about six or eight months, this time I'm taking a trip up the California coast, I fell my lips drying out, I put on a little Chap Stick stuff, and low and behold, the terrible peeling starts all over again. Luckily, I caught it in time and immediately stopped using the awful stuff, realizing after some thought that I was allergic!!
So, anyhow, just thought you'd like to know that there's at least one non-addict out here totally supportive of the cause! Keep up the good fight!

New Zealand's Lisa M. is quitting with our help!
It all started when I was about 8 or 9. I was attracted to lip balm by the cool little containers and the packaging. I loved the tingly sensation when I first put it on my lips. My favourites were: Avon "Little Blossom" Cherriful Lip Tint, The Body Shop - peach, and vanilla.

After brousing the LBA Web site about 3 months ago, I decided that I would quit my lip balm addicton. How I Did It: I counted how many times I used it each day, over a week. It averaged to 108 times a day! Ugh! Each day after that, I gradually cut down. Yesterday I broke my personal record-I only applyed lip balm 9 times!!!

Also, to help you take your mind off your lips while you are recovering, buy a Tamagotchi. It worked for me! Anyway, I think that the first major step to losing your addicton is to admit it. Good Luck to all of those trying to "kick the habit".

Pammy C. is doing it without a higher power!
First off, I would like to say WOW!! I never really realized there were so many people who are as dependent on lip balm as I am. When I heard about your site, I thought for sure it was a joke. I'm still not positive, but I thought I would write anyway.
I'd like to say that the 12 step thing sucks. I really don't know why you have to try and make it into such a God thing. I really don't see how, or why God would have to help a person to recover from a "lip balm addiction" (if there is a God, one would imagine he'd have far better things to do.) But, none the less, I do think that there is a problem with needing it so much. It seems a lot of the people who are criticizing this page are saying that it's not addictive or not bad. Well, who's to really say. Not to long ago they said cigarettes weren't bad for you (though I'm not saying they will definitely find some hugely detrimental thing in the ingredients, but hey, you just don't know.) As for needing it not being a problem, well, maybe if you use it just when you have chapped lips or are planning to spend time in the sun, but I know that for my self, it's a real pain in the ass. If I accidentally forget to bring it with me, I go nuts till I can get my hand on some more. If I don't have any before I go to bed, I can't sleep. I hate wearing anything without pockets because then I have no where to put it. I've gone to numerous weddings, with the tube stuck in the side of my bra, because I had no where else to put it. Lately I've taken to making my boyfriend carry it in his jacket pocket because once my lips start to dry out, I can't concentrate on anything else.
Last night I decided to give it up. I have so far, gone almost 24 hours without it (I'm 24 and probably haven't gone without it for more than 5 hours since I started about 10 or so years ago.) Right now, my lips feel horrible and I am so tempted to break out that wonderful tube of sheer pleasure, but I am hoping, after reading other peoples' recovery stories, that after a while my lips will regain the moisture they probably once had.
So, to the people who are ridiculing and think that there is no problem with it-- if you don't use it, you just don't know and-- if you do use it and don't see it as a problem, great for you. But for some of us, it really is a hassle and it's worth looking into whether or not it is just a compulsion or if it's more than that.

Cathy W. writes:
LBA is like a beacon of light in my otherwise dark, lip balm coated life.
I am not quite ready to give it up completely, but I have realized that I need help. Today I forgot my Carmex when I went to school today. I could not concentrate; all I could think of was finding someone with Carmex (or Blistex in a pinch) and the helpless feeling of my lips drying out. I begged everyone for just one hit. I got some Chap Stick during math, but that was not enough for long. I just had to get MORE MORE MORE!! AGG! The insanity!
Someone referred me to you. I thank you for what you are doing!! I only hope that one day I too can get off my Carmex dependency.

Polly P. is obviously asking for help!
I have known for a long time that I had an addiction to lip balm, Blistex is my brand of choice. Even as I write this I'm glancing lovingly at my green tube. I can't believe that so many other people are addicted also. I thought is was just me! I used to use Chap Stick, but switched to Blistex because it's stronger. I started using when I was 12 or 13, and now at 19 I am full blown addicted. I carry it every where with me. I can't wear clothing that doesn't have a pocket for my tube. If I am ever caught without it I am forced to beg friends and family for some lip balm, any lip balm! I've even been reduced to using hand lotion in times of need. I know some people that think they really like lip balm, but I NEED it. I freak out and can't concentrate if I don't have it. If I'm in class and realize I forgot it, or it fell out of my pocket, I can't even pay attention to the lecture. I keep it in my car, book bag, and stashed around the house. I sleep with it next to my bed, so when I wake up during the night to use it, and I will, it's there waiting for me. My boyfriend teases me because I have to put it on right after we kiss. I wonder if the lip balm companies realize their products are so addictive. I know I have a problem, but I can't stop. I'm too afraid of what life might be like without moist lips.

Anonymous is definitely addicted!
I've been using Carmex for about 6 years. For the past 3 years it's been getting worse. I can't go for more than 1 hour without a fix. I have a tube in my pocket at all times. I have a extra one in my gym bag, 1 in my car, 1 by my bed. I try not to get caught without having my Carmex. One time when my family and I were going on a trip I had to turn my car around because I forgot my Carmex. At night I can find in complete darkness. There has been times when I misplaced my tube of Carmex. I completely panic, I start sweating and getting real anxious. Other brands such as Chap Stick, Vaseline, and Blistex do not work for me. It has to be Carmex. My wife says that I'm addicted, but I think that I just have unusually dry lips. If you diagonose my problem habit or addiction, I will take new steps to kick the habit.

Melinda C. writes about her sorority experience with addiction:
I'm in a sorority house at Purdue University and there are about three of us who are severly addicted. I'm not new to your page. I was in denial. I didn't want to quit but now it had become ridiculous. I feel like I can't live without that stuff. I knew it when I hwas starting to buy the stuff in bulk quanities. I can put it on with one hand. I know all the tricks of the trade. I just thought I liked having my lips moisturized. Geez! Was I wrong. I put it on like every five min. Just thinking about it I'm about to reach into my pocket to put it on.

Rich T. is on the LBA Mailing List
Thanks for the reminder about LBA. I have to admit that I have relapsed, mostly because I wasn't taking the steps. I don't want to get into a balmalogue, because that would just be beating myself up. Needless to say, when I discovered that I had used lip balm, in spite of my self-knowledge, I was met with pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. But, as I said.......I won't go into that. Instead, I'm ready to start back at the beginning, and ready to take first things first. I feel like a newcomer all over again!

Ann H. wants to sue!
I have been a Chap Stick addict for 26 years, (I'm 39 now), it started when I was 11 or 12 and would lick my lips to the point of having giant red circles all around my mouth like clown lips, and being embarrassed in a 6th grade class picture because of the condition. I started using Chap Stick, the plain kind, and have now gotten to the point where for the last 10 years or so, it's with me constantly in my purse, pocket, or on my nightstand. My boyfriend sometimes doesn't want to kiss me because he hates it on my lips. I can't believe there are so many other people addicted to this like I am. It's actually been a problem in my life, and sometimes I'm embarrassed when I have to put it on in public and try to hide when I do it. (we're talking every 15 minutes or so). I saw an article on Chap Stick addiction in a magazine a few years ago, and tried contacting them to get a reprint, as I had contacted a lawyer to sue the company and he told me to find this article and then call him back to make a case against them. (the first lawyer was too busy laughing to talk). I never did located the article, but there is a small article in this month's Woman's World about this, which is how I found your site by the way. I also researched the ingredients in Chap Stick at the library, and I think the alcohol that's added dries out your lips making you crave more product. I would like to become a member of lip balm anonymous please, and I would jump on the bandwagon first in line to sue this company for all the years of grief they have given me because of my addiction.

Graham C. cares about his wife.
Thank God I found your site. I was at my wits' end but now I know that I'm not alone. My wife is addicted to lip balm.

They're all over the house and in her car. She even hides them in mine! Chap Stick, Blistex, Body Shop, Boots, even organic and herbal balms; the list goes on and on. I once caught her with a Pritt glue stick but she pretended that she was just sticking some paper together. Have you noticed the similarity between lib balm sticks and these glue sticks? Another link to the seamier side of drug addiction Her twin sister is just the same, forever greasing up against that "abhorrent dryness". When they meet up they exchange new types ("This one's wonderful, it even repels mosquitoes!") When I come back from a long business trip I'm accosted for the airline (KLM if we must name names) "comfort bags" only to have the lip balm sticks removed. Personally I think KLM are somehow involved in perpetuating this addiction - probably they have global cargo rights or are furthering the commercial interests of Dutch "balm" dealers.
My theory is that using lip balm is a vicious circle, once you start using it your lips will dry out when you stop. It's just like overuse of anti-biotics. All of the body's natural defenses are wiped out and you succumb to cracking within minutes. If these guys could only put their research labs onto fighting cancer I'm sure they would have the answer in a matter of weeks but I suppose there is no profit in that.

Barb C. craves lip balm
I knew I was addicted, but I thought I was the only one. I have always thought the addiction was caused by the menthol and/or camphor. This has been going on for years for me, and I've been wondering if I am causing cancer, or something else because of this.
It all started because I had to drive from San Antonio to Dallas (5 long hours of driving), and had a terrible cold. I couldn't breathe. I become sleepy and didn't dare take any over-the-counter meds. I stopped at a quik-stop and found some Vicks Vapo-rub. I remembered my mom giving me Vicks as a child, in a steamer. So I put some on my Kleenex, and sniffed along as I drove. Well, after 5 hours there, and 5 hours back, I found myself liking the sensation from the inhaling. It was a clean and bracing smell. It took me several years to stop. Obviously, I had to do this privately, usually in my car. I even asked my doctor about it, because I knew it was nuts! Well, I finally stopped, but somebody gave me some Carmex at that time, for chapped lips. My brain seized upon the taste, and it's been probably 5 more years. I can go through a tube a day. I don't prefer the pot: too messy.
I can't wait to go through the rest of the web site. You can't imagine how great it is to find this. I really thought I was the only one. I have tried to quit... many times, but I can't. The craving is unbearable.

Barb C. can quit if she tries
I knew I was addicted, but I thought I was the only one. I have always thought the addiction was caused by the menthol and/or camphor. This has been going on for years for me, and I've been wondering if I am causing cancer, or something else because of this.

It all started because I had to drive from San Antonio to Dallas (5 long hours of driving), and had a terrible cold. I couldn't breathe. I had become sleepy and didn't dare take any over-the-counter meds. I stopped at a quik-stop and found some Vicks Vapo-rub. I remembered my mom giving me Vicks as a child, in a steamer. So I put some on my kleenex, and sniffed along as I drove. Well, after 5 hours there, and 5 hours back, I found myself liking the sensation from the inhaling. It was a clean and bracing smell. It took me several years to stop. Obviously, I had to do this privately, usually in my car. I even asked my doctor about it, because I knew it was nuts! Well, I finally stopped, but somebody gave me some Carmex at that time, for chapped lips. My brain seized upon the taste, and it's been probably 5 more years. I can go through a tube a day. I don't prefer the pot: too messy.

You can't imagine how great it is to find this Web site. I really thought I was the only one. I have tried to quit... many times, but I can't. The craving is unbearable.

HollyBarry is a husband and wife using the same email:
Thank God I found you!!! My wife has a very serious dependency problem. And, not just the little $.99 tubes either. She goes for the Big ones, the ones that cost 5 bucks. This would not be such a problem, but they only last her a day or so. It finally got so bad, I had to take a second part time job just to support her addiction. She had a job, but was fired due to constant applying of lip balm. She has to have it after every meal, puts it on after every kiss, and I can't tell you how many times I have had to get out of bed at night to go and rescues her precious little container. Between applications, she sits and holds the jar, taking the lid on and off, even doing the actual applying motion, as a sort of rehearsal. It was not so bad at first, and I thought it was kinda cute, but now it is a very big problem. (especially after the second job) So thank you for all your help so, and I know with your help we can stop this terrible monster!!!!!

Hi! I too am addicted to lip balm. I first noticed it when my husband and I were still dating. It became a running joke and then I noticed I really was addicted to the stuff. I have probably 5 or 6 tubes of the stuff in my purse. I find that if I don't have any on my person, I go crazy till I get some. There I have finally admitted it!!

Ferida L. can't cut down; she needs to quit entirely.
I have known for at least a year of the extent of my problem, but lately it's getting worse. I now have two tubes in my drawer at work, one on my dresser next to my bed for those in the middle of the night needs, two in my boyfriend's medicine cabinet, one in my car, one in my purse and one in my pocket. The worse part is, I once spent two hours talking about lip balm with a friend at a party (pathetic!!) Chap Stick, Soft Lips (my fave!), Bath & Body Shop, Carmex, name it I have it. I can't even stop, I don't know how?? I tried cutting down, but I can't, is there anything I can do?

Jennifer W. wants to ban lip balm!
Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm a lip balm addict.
I've been using lip balm for about 10 years--starting with the Avon stuff, switching to Blistex, and am currently using Bath & Body Works Aloe Lip Balm SPF 15. I realized I was truly addicted back in high school, on my graduation day--I met my class at the school for an all-night cruise...but, to my dismay, I had forgotten my tube of balm!!! I actually called my mom at home and had her RUSH it over (she was the one who got me hooked on the stuff, you know). She made it just in the nick of time before I had to board the bus. I could not believe the panic I felt, and still do, knowing that I do not have access to balm.
When I forget to bring a tube with me and can't go home to get one, I must always purchase one at a convenience store. (But it's never the kind I really like, so I use it a few times and then it sits in the bathroom drawer. I'd stash it in the car, but in Florida, it's basically impossible to do so. It melts.)
Browsing your web site, I was disappointed at how silly and unrealistic much of the advice is, particularly the "Self Evaluation" and "Twelve Steps." I'd like to see some more PRACTICAL advice--this may help the site be taken more seriously by the "LBA Haters." Of course, there was a lot of great information in the site, but it was bogged down by the bombastic testimony and religious references.
I know I am addicted to lip balm, and accept the fact. I don't intend to quit, but I surely will discourage others from taking up the habit. By the way, for those who are trying to quit, I suggest always keeping some lip balm in your possession, even if you don't use it. I've noticed that I tend to need it more (much much more) when I know I don't have a tube.
Here's my question: What sort of medical agency could I petition to research the cure for lip balm addiction??? If we can launch a space ship full of plutonium into deep space, you'd think we could end lip balm abuse.

Catherine D. dreads the pain... of quitting!
I started using Chap Stick years ago...I don't really remember when. Anyhow, I was using mostly the Bonne Bell stuff, sometimes other stuff.. whatever I could find. I knew it was an addiction (I have many other friends who are also addicted...) and I knew it was real. Doctors of course think I'm imagining things... Well, I didn't really CARE that I was long as it didn't hurt... but NOW I feel like I'm getting to the point where I'm becoming immune or something. My lips HURT even when I do have chapstick on them. I have recently begun to use "Carmex" brand lip balm, being that the Bonne Bell stuff just wasn't cutting it anymore. They still feel chapped even with layers upon layers of the stuff on my lips!!! I think it might be time for me to quit, but I'm really dreading the pain its going to take to do so...

Kara S. writes of her scarred past.
It all started with my first kiss. The guy had the WORST chapped lips and afterwards, MY lips were covered with little flakes of the dry skin off of his lips. My Senior Prom date had such awful chapped lips that he had that white gunky buildup on the corners of his mouth. I couldn't even dance with him, I was so appalled.
I now use any kind of lip balm that I can get my hands on. I prefer SoftLips because of the gentle burning that makes it feel like it is working (perhaps it is just a subconscious need to believe that one day my lips will be soft and supple forever without lip balm). I will get up out of bed in the middle of the night to put it on, and the majority of my purse's weight is lip balm. In the grocery store a few weeks ago, I noticed Blistex had a "buy one, get one free" deal and I spent well over 20 dollars stocking up in case of a natural disaster.
A co-worker suffers from the same addiction, and it is comforting to know that if I am stranded with no lip-lubrication, she will understandingly allow me to grace my lips with the presence of her lip balm (it may sound disgusting to share lip balm, but when you need it, you REALLY need it and I would do anything to stop the burn). My fiance frequently accuses me of being "addicted" and "obsessed," because after I kiss him, I must immediately reapply lip balm. I can do nothing but nod and rub my lips together. I don't think there is any way to cure lip balm addiction, especially with a scarred past like mine.

Daniel M. has tried them all...
I remember a friend of mine and I used to joke about being "addicted" to lip-balm, but I never gave it much thought until lately. I think that my mother may have unwittingly started me on the path to dependence on lip balm. I remember she was always concerned about how my lips were always chapped, cracked, and sometimes bleeding, so the little black tubes of Chap Stick were an accessory from my elementary school days. I complained about hard Chap Stick was on my severely cracked lips, and eventually we switched to Care Deeply from Avon. Carrying around anything "Avon" was severely uncool for a junior-high guy, but I needed the stuff.
I am 29 now, and in law-school. My favorite lip balm is Blistex, in either the tube or the little "tin", which I always thought looked sort of retro. For some reason Carmex was hard to find in NW Ohio, though I was always curious to try some, in the hopes of finding a stronger, longer lasting "hit" that would keep my lips moist and smooth all day. After reading this page, I am so glad that unavailability and brand loyalty kept me from trying Carmex, because it sounds like the most evil lip balm ever made.
Taking a mental inventory of my stash, I think I have a tube or tin in the pockets of nearly every coat I own. I always, always keep some in the car, and have been quite distracted while driving, digging around for that lost/missing tube of Blistex. When I go out on a date, concert, or out on the town with friends, I am not fully "dressed", until I have stuck tube of lip balm in my pocket, just in case.
I also like Vaseline Lip Balm, the kind that squirts out of the soft tube. I have also tried beeswax-based lip balms, but find them too hard. They also seemed to be laced with all sorts of other ingredients like eucalyptus oil, camphor, and mint oils I think.
I think you should add to the self evaluation, "Have you ever broken and/or dug at the remaining contents of an empty lip balm tube, because you were so desperate?"
Glad to know I'm not alone.

Christine F. has a huge collection.
Hi, my name is Christine F. and I have a lip balm addiction.
I guess it all started in 1994 when I got a tube of Kissing Koolers Tutti Frutti for my thirteenth birthday. Prior to the fateful day I had only a vague knowledge about the world of "soothing protection", my sole previous experiences had been the occasional dabs of Lipsyl for those blustery winter days of my early childhood, (supplied from my mothers purse) when it was still made by the Lever Company.
It was in the year following that inaugural Tutti Frutti that I developed a lip balm craze. I still can't explain what happened to me. I just started buying all these lip balms -- Lip Smacker, Body Shop, Mentholatum, Chap Stick, Hawaiian Tropic Spf 15 in coconut (oh, it was so yummy), Blistex.... and even all the rest of the Kissing Koolers collection! I was hooked. Sure I've been teased about my love for gloss, but I never really believed that I had a problem. I mean, nobody else I knew had a shoebox full like me but I thought it was harmless, really!
By the time I reached high school, I realized that I had to stop buying lip balms. I would never go through all of them! I think my obsession has calmed down a little, but I still can't be seen without my favorites ( Lip Smacker Orange Pop, Peppermint and Mentholatum Cherry Ice).
I think that the LBA is a great idea. I never knew there were others out there just like me (like
Heather W and her extensive compilation!) I am timid about kicking the habit for good, having had the torture of a lip-balm-less five day trip resulting in lip sunburn, but I'm sure the embarrassment factor of carrying around tubes from my 1994 supply STILL, with outdated labels and flavors, might just give me the incentive to try.

Tara P. is an addict crying for help and encouragement
I am 24 years old. I am a white female. I have light brown hair. I have very, very dry skin. I have used Carmex and Blistex since I was 16 or so. I keep a can of Carmex at work, a tube of Blistex in my purse, and sometimes I will use Vaseline if I have nothing else handy. I also have to use lotion all the time. (on my skin) I use it after every shower and washing of my hands. I use alot of lotion. ALOT!
Ok, anyway.... My question is, Am I addicted? I mean... I feel like if my lips get dry, I have got to get my lips lubed. I will lick them but that has no satisfaction. I get that gross dry feeling that drives me crazy until I can get to some lubrication. To give you a better idea about how dry my skin is, my finger tips crack during the winter. Very painful. Ouch! Does this factor add to my dry lips? OR has my using these products over years and years caused me to be addicted?
ALSO.... My boyfriend and I live together. He also uses Chap Stick. The cherry kind is his favorite. He always puts it on and he always carries a tube of it around with him. Is he addicted also? He usually goes through with his more than me because he forgets to take it out of his pocket and it gets melted in the dryer.
I have to admit when I saw the article in the Alestle I thought this is ridiculous!! Well, then I thought about it more and more and I think you all are right! Those suns o bitches! (lip balm people) Just kidding. I will also show Kyle (my boyfriend) the article and see if he thinks he is addicted.

Anonymous is concerned.
This is not a joke.
My mother alerted me to the piece in the 11/20 Washington Post because I have been wondering for about 2 years now if it is possible to be a lip-balm addict. But, sir, my balm-of-choice is Blistex Mint, creamier and more easily-applied than Chap Stick. I have a tube in the kitchen; one in my purse; one in my Franklin Planner; one next to my bed; one in my workout bag. I have been known to stop at a store, if on my way somewhere and without a tube, just to get some. I have been grocery shopping and without a tube, and although I will be home in a few minutes, I buy one. WHERE DOES IT END?!?!?!
Thank you for showing me- I am not alone!!

Deeder M. is concerned.
Mental torture, yes, but I would say that the worst for me is realizing that a stupid little tube of lip balm has me by the short hairs. I consider myself an intelligent, in control kind of person, but send me out of the house without my "goop" (as my spouse calls it) and I'm reduced to a whining three year old.
Also, I'm in the habit of leaving it in my right front pocket, and on the three occasions when it has been overlooked on laundry day the result has been disastrous: greasy and completely unremovable stains on every item in the load. I swear I've ruined a few hundred dollars in clothes.
Is it so easy to stop? My god, I imagine withdrawals to equal the worst television portrayal of trying to quit heroin…in fact, I'm so upset I think I need to reapply my coating...

Jani E. likes the expensive stuff.
Hi my name is Jani E. and I'm a lip balm addict
My boyfriend has hidden all the lip balms in the house on occasion in an effort to break my habit, to no avail. My most recent obsession is high-end lip balms, such as Aveda's 'silk' it's quite nice, the texture is perfect and it comes in a swank gold lipstick like container. My rationale is if I pay into the double digits for the stuff at the very least I won't allow my self to loose it into the lining of my coat or drop it into a puddle on the bus, of even if I do I'll rescue it. But recently, I stumbled helpless and dry on to the the mother of all lip balm indulgences...'smooch' by benefit. 'Smooch' offers a cross between the lip balm and the lip gloss. I'm hooked.

Jim B. writes:
This is so horrible. I came across this Web page by accident while looking for directions on how to make my own lip balm (which I did find). And at first I thought of this as a silly joke that someone had made about being addicted to lib balm, but it's true. I am an addicted lib balm user.
I figure it started when I was about four and my mom had bought me an oversized LipSmaker for keeping my room clean. Sounds like a wierd gift? Not to me. I started spending all of my weekly allowances on lip glosses by the age of nine, and my interests for anything else had totally disapeared. I even had dreams of lipglosses. The big thing when I was 12 were those roll on kissingpotion lipglosses, which I made my parents buy every single flavor. I've always prefered the tubes, rather than the pot o glosses. I guess it's because I like rolling them in my palms.
The real nightmare has just started though. Now that I've gotten my hands on how to make my own lip balm, I've got oversized jars of it stacking up in my room. I have so much of it it's unbelievable. There's enough to make sure that everyone in China has silky smooth and soft lips.
I suppose I should try to wean my self away from lip balms, but alas they have to much control over me. I'm so ashamed, but until I have made my dream of owning every lip balm in the world I can not rest. I guess I am just destined to swoon when I hear the words "Chap Stick" (sigh)

Kim D. writes:
I've developed a problem that I'm not sure how to fix. I've been using Chap Stick of varying types (mostly the real stuff...i.e. trade name Chap Stick) for the last few years medically due to a job doing groundskeeping during the summers. Over the last couple of years, I have had to use it more often otherwise my lips will dry out. I used to think that it had to do with my job, even in the winter, because they needed to recover from the exposure in the summer, and/or the wind in the winter, but then it became a year-round things, and for the last couple of years, it's become all-important that I not be out of Chap Stick or else my lips will drive me crazy until I can cover them again. I have tried to do without it, and have even gone several hours without Chap Stick, but the burning of my lips drives me up the wall. (I suppose I should mention that I am hypersensitive to tactile input - and a couple other sensory input channels, but that's not important. So, in other words, my skin is super sensitive to any tactile information. At least that's how my neuro-psychologist defined it the other day. That's one accurate description.)
Anyway, this past April, a friend of mine told me that she knew someone who discovered that a lot of lip balms contain an ingredient that make your lips *need* it, and which actually make them stop producing their own moisture, therefore making you physically dependent on the stuff. I refused to acknowledge that could be the case with me at the time because I had the same summer job coming up, and being without lip balm at that time just was *NOT* a good idea. The last thing I need with that job was medical problems!! (besides those I already have, and/or am susceptible to.) I ended up with them anyways, for different reasons. Anyway, over the last while, occasionally I'll end up with a rash due to the lip balm. (at least I assume that's what it is. I can't think of anything else it could be, and a few times it's been obvious that it is the lip balm causing this problem.) I've usually stopped using the lip balm for a bit, and used aloe vera on my lips instead. While this feels uncomfortable a little, it works.
After my last allergic reaction to the lip balm I had to get (I left the one I had at my parents. I've done that all too often too.), -Blistex medicated. (the medicated was an accident, actually... I meant to get regular stuff) I decided to change the type of stuff I used. So I found some Mentholatum stuff - Natural Ice, I believe, which seemed to work. (oh, I should mention I'd tried some of the moisturizer stuff before trying to get something better so that I wouldn't have to use Chap Stick so much, and could possibly even quit using it. It doesn't seem to have worked very well. There are times when such stuff would simply feel like too much on, even though my lips weren't healing themselves. I'd usually wipe the excess off, and apply aloe or something, and then later, try the Chap Stick again. I HATE the feel of wax on my lips!!!) Anyways, when I ran out of this Mentholatum stuff last time, I went to get more, even though I had a near new one of Chap Stick at home - that stuff seemed to have too many chemicals or something in it. My lips reacted more negatively to it than the stuff I was using. I chose a different version of the same stuff, because it looked like it would do a better job of moisturizing my lips. They were in two packs, so I bought two again.
Shortly after buying them, I lost one, I still don't know where it is. The other one I've been using as I usually do. I've begun to think that my lips really have stopped being able to make their own moisturizers (in case you hadn't picked that up already) ... more often lately I've been having trouble with rashes from different lip balms... I'm wondering if my lips are refusing to take *anything* from them anymore, but I don't know what to do to keep them from being painfully sore if they do...if lip balms only make the situation worse. Anyways, the last couple of days I've been having even more trouble than usual, and this morning I had to result to PURELY aloe vera plant, as the balm I was using seemed to be making things worse (flaking scaly stuff on my lips and stuff...) I have had to put lip balm beside my bed since I lived in the last place I lived in because I would wake up in the middle of the night there with absolutely parched cracking lips... Anyways, I'm sorry this is so long, I can't seem to get my thoughts/language organized (something my speech pathologist is trying to help me with, but ...I don't know how well that's working. I think we have other speech/language issues that have taken precedence) to make this short. Anyways, this morning I could not use lip balm at all, but aloe isn't incredibly portable, and I had class this morning. I managed to tolerate a combination of aloe and Chap Stick throughout the day, but again this evening the rash has gotten worse, and the aloe is not helping much at all, except for making my lips scaly and painful. Almost worse than without it. I have finally managed a combination of Noxema and aloe plant that keeps it from being TOO incredibly's at least tolerable now... but it looks horrible, as I have a rash all the way around my mouth, worst at the corners, (not always noticeable on top and bottom, but when it's real bad, it is.) And it's all red, and at times inflamed and swollen.
WHAT DO I DO??!!!!! I'm afraid to try any more different types of lip balm, 'cause I really can't see them helping, and it would be a waste of money anyways, which I really can't afford. I was thinking of asking the people at The Body Shop if they have anything that WOULDN'T aggravate this already bad enough problem, but am not sure about doing that. It has occurred to me to go to my doctor to ask her what to do, but I'm not sure if this would be overreacting to the situation. The other option is (less likely, but maybe) asking one of the druggists at a pharmacy near here. but 1. I hate talking to strange people, and 2. I'd be really embarrassed and otherwise feel awful dealing with them when it looks this bad.
What do I do??? (and night time is always worst for me too, so I'm dreading the thought of tonight, and what it's going to be like overnight and in the morning. My lips get ***SO*** dry and cracked, and feel like they're going to fall apart, even when I try to ignore their calling form lip balm, or something that will help!!!! (which is becoming less and less lip balm, but also not aloe plant either. - or gel.)

Cathy M. writes:
I can't believe I'm writing this message-- people who are actually going through the same agony I do. Where do I start? I am a 29 year-old homemaker with two wonderful children, ages 2 and 7 months. I have a happy marriage to a wonderful man. Sounds like a pretty happy life, except for one problem-- I have been addicted to lip balm since I was 12 years old-- That's right- over half of my existance I have lived my life around my lip balm addiction. I feel crazy writing this- of course, the only people who understand and know that this is not a joke is my family.
It started pretty innocently. When I was growing-up, lip balm was huge!! Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers was a favorite of mine, as well as all of my friends. I had one of the biggest collection around. A few months later I noticed my lips were drier than usual- Lip Smackers didn't even help them (not that they ever did). I discovered Blistex Mint lip balm- that did the trick. Little did I know (especially at that young age) it was probably the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. Soon, I was completely hooked. For so long I never really knew why I had to have a tube on me everywhere I went. Putting Blistex on my mouth was the very first thing I did in the morning and the very last thing I did before going to bed-- It still is.
It wasn't until I was about 19 years-old and in college did I ever start thinking that I could actually be addicted to this stuff. My mouth (the corners of my lips, in particular) started to become very suseptable to various infections- mostly yeast infections. Pretty discusting, I know. I've used every fugus/disinfectant cream known to man- sooner or later, they always come back- they still do. The first time I was diagnosed with my first yeast infection on my lips, I confided to my dermatologist that I suspected I had an addiction to lip balm that I thought probably contributed to my problem. I showed him my tube- and he told me to quit immediately. I thought, "Yeah, I can do that. I'll just quit". I didn't even get past the first day.
Well, since then I think I've tried to quit using Blistex maybe two or three times, always with the same results-- horribly swollen, blistered lips, infections in the corners of my mouth- not to mention the horrible cravings, anxiety and mental anguish that sometimes seem worse than the physical side-effects. Like I've said before, I've lived my life around my addiction. I can't think of a single important moment in these past 17 years when I didn't have my Blistex- when I met my husband, vacations, my wedding, you name it. I actually went through labor and the birth of my children with that stupid tube in my hand the whole time!! My husband is very understanding-- he has made many an emergency trip to the drug store to pick-up a new tube if I've run-out because I had been careless in keeping track of how much I've used (which, by the way is probably about 4-5 tubes in a month.)
It hasn't been until the past year that I've actually accepted the fact that I'm addicted to this product. I will always have the scars on my mouth (from recurring infections) that will be a reminder of my addiction. Very few people outside of close family and friends know about this- I've heard all the jokes and my mother begs me to quit practically every time I see her- but I don't know how. I don't know if I'm ready to, yet. I have a lot to handle just taking care of my two babies-- I don't think I can handle what I would have to go through.
I used to think that being addicted to Blistex was no big deal. At least it wasn't cigarettes or alcohol, right? But I think of how many times I've had to cancel plans I've had because I was too embarrased to see people with my mouth infections- or have literally torn apart my house when my I've mis-placed my tube of chapstick- or that in the back of my mind I am constantly aware of my need for Blistex. Now I'm angry. I believe the Blistex company (as well as other lip balm companies) were and are well aware that their product is addictive, but will not put a warning on the label for such a possibility. These companies need to be responsible for ignoring this problem. This is a product that anyone can buy and use. In my case, being a child when my addiction began, this is most dangerous. The other day, I saw my husband's 5-year-old neice using the same exact brand of lip balm which I now need to use several times a day. I couldn't believe it. This needs to stop.
Thank you for letting me unload my feelings so freely.

Andrea S. is an Air Force addict!
I was recently surfing the Web and came across your Web site. I decided that I should add my story in with those that I read.
I am 20 years old, in the Air Force and stationed in Alaska. I think my addiction to lip balm began when I was about 12. My grandmother sold Avon and as presents gave us all different types of lip balm. I was a severe lip licker. I would come home from school with a red ring around my lips from licking them.
I guess ever since then I have used lip balm. I have close to 200 different types and flavors, as well as some from places such as Japan and Korea. I was so addicted I even carried it around with me through basic training! My friends all laugh and say how strange I am. I even got some of my friends using it too. I guess I was kind of suprised to see that others have my same problem!

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