LBA on TV: The Internet Cafe (1997)

This was the first television interview we did for Lip Balm Anonymous back in 1997. The show was The Internet Cafe, a spinoff of the popular Computer Chronicles that aired on PBS stations. The episode was The Weird Web, and featured LBA along with a Mr. T fansite, a girl who was into tattoos, and other oddities.

It just so happened that this was filmed in Palo Alto, CA and I was living in the next city, so this was awfully convenient. The funny thing about this show was that it was filmed in a “cyber cafe” (remember those?) that quickly went out of business. The Internet Cafe lived on for a few years.

The LBA interview starts at the 2:15 mark in the video.


Thanks to the Internet Archive for making the show available all these years later. Gotta love those now-retro Netscape browser screens.