Start Your Recovery Here

Many people have asked us how to start their recovery program. There are several methods out there some of which work better than others. You are encouraged to try the recovery program that works best for you. If you can do it without using the 12 steps, then more power to you!

Cold Turkey
Some people report that going cold turkey works. This method is easier said than done and surely has the highest failure rate. The idea is easy: just stop using. Of course, after a few hours your lips will start to want the balm again. Your options here are to start using again or live with the pain and agony. Drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding extremely dry or cold environments will help this process. Success with this plan can take a few days or even a few weeks.

Many non-believers laugh at the concept of addition to lip balm. All we ask is to try going cold turkey for three days. Few make it to day four. Even fewer are still laughing.

Endorsed by many our of members, the weaning method is more time-intensive than the cold turkey method but it does have a much higher success rate. Basically, all you do is gradually cut down your balm usage until it is down to nothing. Let’s say you’re using 10 times a day. Cut back to five times a day for a few days. You’ll be feeling the pain, but it won’t be as bad as the cold turkey method. Then cut back one time a day for about a week. Pretty soon you’re using once a day and after that it is easy to eliminate from your life. This process takes a couple weeks or so. This is the plan for those of you with problems acknowledging a higher power.

12 Step Program
This is the method we endorse, mainly because it has the lowest recidivism rate. Lip Balm Anonymous encourages those seeking help to attend our meetings and speak with others in recovery. The close, personal, contact that our meetings provide allow people seeking recovery to internalize and see their problem for what it is.