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Lip Balm Anonymous Presents the Industry of Addiction

The Nightmare Never Ends: Our Kids are Next!

The lip balm addiction problem isn't getting any better, folks. Do you see what the latest strategy is for the lip balm manufacturers? Since they have reached market saturation in the adult market, they are now going after our kids in order to maintain high growth rates for their profits! Disney or Batman lip balm or other products such as this only tells kids that is is cool to use. Of course, we adults must shoulder much of the blame. We are the ones who turn our kids onto it by showing them how to use, or in some cases, even forcing them to use the stuff!

A November 25, 1995 Vancouver Sun article on children using lip balm mentions that Dr. Roberta Ongley does not see anything wrong with kids using lip balm, even if the package is gimmicky. In fact, she thinks these brands will "increase compliance" (meaning they're more likely to use) over the standard Chap Stick-type balms.

The cycle of addiction must end now! Parents, stop using yourself, but for God's sake stop forcing it on your kids. Our future leaders are now being sent into hopeless addiction and we taxpayers must pay the price.

Get help. Contact Lip Balm Anonymous.

If you think we're joking, read these!

Megan B. writes:
My addiction started 3 years ago, when I was 10. My first memory of lip balm, though, was at the early age of 3, with Avon Ice cream flavoured. It was packaged to look like a cone full of ice cream. I was hooked from the start, on Bonne Bell Roll-On Lip Shiner, in Banana Berry flavour. I guzzled it, I was so addicted. Now, I use Lip Lix, also by Bonne Bell. Finding the flavour never lasts long enough, and I end up coating my face with the stuff. It is colored, too, so I have color all over my face. I spent 3 days with out it. Perhaps the first step?

Jolene K. writes: I have a frightening story to tell. I was babysitting a friend of mine's son who just turned 2 a week ago. He was playing with a puzzle about 20 feet away from me when I {sigh} whipped out my balm{I am a recovering addict, and I had a realpse that day :[} Anyhow- at the first sight of my balm- he gets up, and runs over to me while frantically yelling "My turn, My turn!!" This Child of TWO years wanted me to give him some balm!!!! This is what's wrong with America- what are we going to do-this situation is killing our children!

Last updated on February 22, 1998
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