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The "I Hate Lip Balm Anonymous" Page

No matter how hard we try to provide a service to Web users, there will always be some nut who just doesn't get it. These people think we doing irreparable harm to users of lip balm, or "impressionable" readers who don't fully understand LBA's purpose. All we can say is this: if you don't like our site, please don't visit. We have a core constituency who benefits from the words we spread.

Frankly, we've got a sneaking suspicion that these folks are addicted to lip balm but don't want to admit it. This goes beyond denial... it is downright hate against our organization! WARNING: This page contains lots of bad words

If you have feedback for our site, please send email to

Dave F.
As a loyal employee at Blistex, I am outraged at your feeble attempt at humor in your web page. First of all, I can assure you that there are no "secret files" regarding your so called "addictive properties" of Blistex, or lip balms in general. A simple glance at the ingredients in ALL lip balms would show that the main ingredient is petrolatum, or wax for you non-chemists.

Secondly, your attempt to link drug usage to our Beautiful Lips contest is absurd. If you really think that using lip balms will lead to heroin and cocaine usage, I would say that you are smoking a little too much of what you're preaching about.

Before you slam an entire industry, you should think twice. At Blistex alone, we have over 150 employees that earn a living and support their families. I am sure that Chap Stick, Carmex, Vaseline and others employ at least that many. With so many other "addictive" items on the market (tobacco, alcohol, pain relievers, cold medicine, etc.), I'm sure you could find a better industry to pick-on.

I can assure you that we ARE NOT working on any products such as hemp balm or Power Ranger lip balms. I am in agreement that it is wrong to target children as a specific market for lip balm. We do, however, provide free samples and information to school bands. As a previous school band member myself, it is very beneficial and necessary, to keep your lips moist when playing a brass or wind instrument. We also offer samples to dentists, so they may apply it to your lips when performing long dental procedures.

Don't lose sight that there is an actual need and demand for good, ethical lip care products in the marketplace. Anonymous
I am canceling my regular donation to the American Cancer Society and selling my house. I will contribute all my earnings for the rest of my life to combat this horrible plague.

You people need to really get a LIFE! Gee wiz.......... Timothy R. Winters
I just got done looking over your web site and I just have to ask:

I mean, come on....lip balm addiction? Give me a break. You say that lip balm is addictive and harmful... Answer me this...Have you ever suffered from really chapped lips? I don't mean your run-of-the-mill wind-chapping or sunburned lips...I mean cracked, bleeding lips...When I was about 10 years old, I got a really bad case of impetigo. Impetigo - if you aren't familiar with it - is a serious skin disease. It is caused by Staphylococcus aureus, a highly infectious bacteria. This condition is extremely painful and highly contagious. I refer you to for more information on this condition. I remember when I had this problem one of the prescribed medications for relief was Carmex to be applied after the treatment which was performed on myself by my mother twice a day. The treatment was to first remove the crusted skin on the lips, as the bacteria live under the crusts. This was done by softening the crusts with Betadine (an Iodine based soap) which also helped to disinfect the area. Then, after she pulled the crusts off (which was very painful, considering how sore my lips were), she applied neosporin ointment which was to help kill the bacteria. Finally, she applied Carmex to the lips to help heal the skin and to relieve the pain. I later learned that Carmex contains salicylic acid (aspirin) which is what relieved the pain.

I find it very offensive that you would use such a frivolous "addiction" to justify your perversion of the 12-step method. As a someone who used the 12-step method to overcome a suicide attempt 4 years ago, I feel that you owe an apology to all the legitimate Anonymous programs out there....

David B. Van Horn
Let's try your tactics on your group!

LBA is really a front for on-line service providers to get on-line users to stay on longer and drive up revenue from access fees. I have a 12 step method for any on-line user who needs to "break-free" from the "net of addiction". Many articles are available from progressive medical authorities who abhor what "on-line" exploiters like LBA are trying to do to us. By making outrageous, unsubstantiated claims, LBA has become the chief proponent of "yellowdog" press in cyberspace. Please, get help now before you become ravaged by high level exposure to intense magnetic fields, and develop carpal tunnel syndrome from millions of repetitive clicks on mind-numbing trivia that will do little to improve your love life, popularity, income, or intellect. In short, get out of your chair now---and get a life. Breath fresh air, feel the elements on your face again, smile at a passer by, and don't worry if you haven't answered your email in the past five minutes. In short, if you think lip balm is a real problem, get a life!!!!!!!!

I don't give a hoot about lip balm addiction. But I was interested in Bonne Bell for research I am doing. I take no side with Bonne Bell pro or con, I am just being asked to do a paper. Of course that doesn't do much for inflated stupidity you spam the Web with. As in my previous email, do yourself a favor and get a real cause, a real job, and a life wouldn't hurt either. The life you save may be your own. I think LBA ought to stand for Losers Bitchabout Anything.

Greg Quesenberry
This is the dumbest web site I have ever seen ! You "LBA" people are full of crap ! Please continue this site so I can further ridicule you maniacs !

Detested in Virginia
You disgust me. There are real problems out there in this world today and you're worried about some absurd problem such as lip balm addiction? You could be devoting your time to serious problems such as the destruction of the o-zone layer and violence on television. It's people like you who just think of themselves that mess it up for the rest of the world. I read your article about Bonne Bell products being aimed at kids. Well, duh!!! Kids like this sort of thing, and I personally don't see the problem with it. It is not destroying their minds or any of the other things you claim it does. How can you be so ignorant?


David M. Acland
This page is worthless! You provide no solutions to cutting back on lip balm! The 12 steps or whatever are a bunch of religious crap! I wouldn't be surprised to find out this site is run by the Heaven's Gate cult! People are probably coming to this website for useful solutions to their problems. You should have REAL dermatolagist testimony about what they can do, not magazine paid people! A very important fact you did not mention is that people who have severely dry lips do not drink enough WATER. Not soda, or iced tea or anything else but clear, clean water 8 to 10 oz glasses a day. And duh! Why use any product that has alcohol on your lips, we all know that we use alcohol to dry, like zits! And how do you propose to fight sunburn on lips? That is a very serious problem that most people don't realize. I think you should get some more useful facts on your page instead of asking God for help.

Joyce Huang
This web site is so PATHETIC! It is so incredibly STUPID, that I was laughing and crying while reading "are you addicted to lib balm?" quiz. GET SERIOUS.....When did you take your first HIT of lip balm?????? I personally think you guys have got to get real. I LOVE Un-Petroleum Lip Jelly, and I also love the Body Shops various glosses. PLEASE......thenk of something else to waste your time on.

Robert Hawkes
I found a site called the bests sites on the web and I was shocked to find what can only be described as complete crap. What sort of life have you got spending time working on a page like that, it does look like a quite good page and you have put a lot of effort into it so why ruin it by filling it up with complete shit?

Rusty Stuart
Yup.. you're absolutely correct.. Real thinking logical human beings with the slightest bit of self control just don't get it.. In fact my reaction to your piece on the Internet Cafe (PBS-TV).. was 'You gotta be shittin me!!'
Jesus.. I'd hate to see what happened if you silly ass people ever found a tube of Preparation H!!! What then?? I shutter to think where that might go..
There are real life probs out there.. People are homeless, and children are starving to death in the wealthiest country in the world.. Do something to help would ya??? This collection of misguided self-involved CRAP is a perfect example of why we as a race are in such dire straights!! Get a grip and by all means - Grow the fuck up!!
PS NO.. I don't usually waste my time slamming idiots.. You just really caught my attention with one of the silliest web sites and largest waste of time and energy I've ever had the misfortune to happen upon...

I found your Web site the oddest thing I've seen in a while. I found it worse than the Sailor Moon (r) Web site (and that's pretty bad!). What is the problem with you people? Do you just have so much time on your hands that you have to make up things like this?! Were you dropped on your heads as infants? Did you eat paintchips? Drink gasoline? I simply find it moronic that you would have so little to do as to make up something as pointless as this? I have seen many moronic things in my life, but this one of the worst! Why do you people waste space like this? IT'S POINTLESS!!! I use lib balm occasionally (like when I need it) but the stories that I read are fabulous. I found them so transparent and outrageous that at one point I burst out laughing. My friends and I are now going to consider this Web site good for when you're depressed. I hope that you get a hobby! My advice: take up gardening, read a book, go outside and play. BE FREE!!

Eileeen "the user"
Wow! What are you guys on? What pathetic morons do you have writing your page. I seriously believe there is a HUGE difference between lip balm and illegal drugs! Are you really so insane that when Doctors Ongley and Bruckheim commented on the harmlessness of the stuff you compared it to heroin?! I'm only 16 years old - but I'm smart enough to realize that heroin destroys it's users and devastates the users families. I'm VERY sorry, but as far as I know, lip balm does not kill people - at the very worst it may agitate them because of their psychological problems. Hate to admit it, but if you are afraid to put lip balm on in public you have a serious case of paranoia! Yes I am an occasional lip balm user (shame!). In fact I take around 5 so called "hits" of my balm a day. I am a very active person (I run, swim, you name it) and reapplication is a good idea if you want soft lips. I wear lip balm because I don't think lips with peeling bits of skin are very attractive. Do you?

I work for Autumn Harp and make lip balm and I'm proud of it everything we made is nature and a great produced . I do not know why you are so hard on us. Maybe you should stop by for a visit and check it out and see what a great company we are.

I could go on and on, but it is clear that you are just another one of those animal saving, gun grabbing, all complaining people that have nothing better to do than to TELL everyone else what is NATURAL and what is not. So I say once again....Think about it, and get a clue.....

Jonathan S.
Once again, you have shown your incredible stupidity by touching on subjects you know nothing about and attempting to use them as "proof" for lip balm addiction. If you really want to legitimize this addiction in the eyes of the public, then stop with all your "humor" which must only be humorous to you and those equally ignorant. Come on, hemp addictive? There is no THC in hemp, nor any other euphoria-inducing chemical. That's why it's legal to sell the stuff, you moron. Who cares if there's a marijuana leaf on the label? Did you ever think that the vendors are trying to emphasize the NATURAL ORIGINS of their products, to differentiate them from destructive petroleum products, and not to suggest that their lip balms (or whatever other hemp products they're selling) will get people "high?"

Each time I've looked at your site, I've been angered by the flippant way you joke about this serious addiction. Sure, a sense of humor is important, but yours is on the level of a twelve-year-old. Is that it? Are you only twelve? Oh, I'm sorry; I assumed an adult had created this site. Well if you are just a pre-teen, then your little friends must enjoy your work immensely.

Jonathan S.
Disgusted Non-Fan and recovering lib balm addict
(I got no help from you, idiot.)

This site was made by people with way to much time on their hands. The people you claim to say that are "addicted" to lip balm probably aren't. Have you ever heard of OCD? It is something that be the reason for this 'consipracy'. The reason no one is taking you seroiusly is beacuse you have NO REAL DATA. People should not give opinpions ( your so called 'facts') unless they have REAL facts, not stories they made up themselves. Why would a company make lip balm addictive? They are smart enough to figure out that LOSERS like the creators of this site would bust them, therefore charging them with voliating rights. Why would they do that? It is clear that you people do not understand what lip blam is. The dictonary does not say < a conspiracy of addictive lip care products>. Lip balm is really a product so that your lips don't get all dry and crusty. The makers of this site must be walking around with chapped, cold sore ridden lips. Not yummy. Kids are targeted, true, but why do you really care? If they have healthy lips and have fun collecting flavors, parents should apprecaite the choice of lip care over drug use. There are so many REAL PROBLEMS in this world, so dedicate a site to something that people care about. Get a life before someone gets really pissed of about your stupid allegations and use of their products name in this ridiculous site.

Robin Lundy
Uh, what the hell kind of a joke is this?? Are you guys really serious? Lip balm makes your lips feel better and not chapped, so why is that a problem? What's with this whole addictiveness thing- Do you actually think that, are you insane? You know, any food or anything COULD be addictive, but that's retarded cuz they'd get busted in no time. Companies are smart enough to realise that, obviously you seem to have missed the whole thing. If you're gonna whine about something, make it something worthwhile instead of wasting life with this crap.

Russ Swanson
Its bad enough you bunch of idiots can even think of such a silly issue. As a member of a REAL 12 step program, I can only say that its a shame when I see assholes like you steal and dilute a life saving program, that actually saves lives of drug addicts and alcoholics. Addiction to Lip Balm, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fuckin joke. I think when all of you sober up, you might find you have the wrong 12 step program.

I am astounded that you have devoted web space to such a pathetic, untrue idea. As a chemical engineer for a pharmaceutical company, I can assure you that lip balm is NOT addictive. Ok.. so if you have sore lips, you may use it often. But to say you have an addiction is just plain sad! As for the hemp balm - this has no psychoactive ingredients in it, and therfore contains no THC. Hemp itself contains such a low amount of THC, that it is not classed as a classified drug anymore anyway. So, wake up and smell the coffee. Why not spend your time doing something constructive, instead of suckering people into believing this complete crap.

Jeremy Shaw
I would just like you people to know... you are sick, weak minded freaks! How could you actually believe that you are addicted to LIP BALM!!! Thats why they have your site listed under "Humor and entertainment"! No one takes you seriously. If you are addicted to chap-stick, I think YOU are the one with the problem!! If there is one person who is involved in this idiocy who can give me a good reason to believe that the stuff is addicting, please send me something with a factual basis. And I don't mean the delusional nonsense you have posted on your site. I mean REALITY folks!! Get with the program! Maybe even check all of your members into a psychiatric hospital-- DO SOMETHING!!

U Guys Suck Dick, Read U Stupid Fucks (submitted to LBA in a +7 font size)
If you have chapped lips you're supposed to put LIP BALM on it!!! Your lips could break open and get infected! Have you ever heard of COLD SORES? Dumbass. I like lip balm and I'd rather wear it than go around being ugly like u guys. So just take your cracked up fucked up lips and kiss my lip balmed ass!!!

By the way you guys are wasting your time you losers on "LBA". No one gives a flying fuck that they're addicted to lip balm cause it doesn't harm you. Oh, and what about lipstick and lipgloss? It doesn't even matter cause u apply it every day! I use lip balm and have lots of it and you guys are just wasting your time and filling peoples mind with a bunch of horseshit!
a VERY pissed off reader....

Walter A. Grissett
You all are pretty much....dipshits! I attend Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. You people though , are making a mockery of the program, and have offended many of NA/AA's followers. Shut your program the fuck down , or someone is going to do it for you .... like soon ......MOTHER FUCKERS! (This is a threat you dumb fucks)

This 12 step program has got to be joke. I hope people aren't taking this seriously. You and I know that there is nothing addictive, that is physically, with lip balms, salve, or what have you. If that were the case, the FDA would have banned these substances or at least the ingrediences that are "Addictive" . We should stop creating this hysteria that lip ointments are addictive for God sake. We talk about people being in denial about this so called addictions to lip balms. What, are we all fucking crazy here? We should worry about peoples addition to narcotics and elicit street drugs like crack and methyl anphedimine. Let's get responsible and stop creating lies and deception. I like Carmax because it makes my lips feel soft and supple. I use it a lot. Not because I'm addicted to it, but because I simply like the way it works and quite honestly tastes. I sometimes smear it on my girlfriends pussy to exite her and it make the experience of oral sex much greater. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it !

Hello, my name is Marissa and while on Yahoo looking for Lip Smacker pages I came across your site. How can somebody be against Lip Balm? Lip Smackers are lip gloss and chap stick. Or are you against chap stick too? Well, as you know it is winter and when it is winter my lips start to bleed. So I put Lip Smackers on. Lip Smackers also make your lips glittery and glossy. So do you want my lips to bleed? It just so happens that I love Lip Smackers. What is so addictive? And as for your Pina Colada remark, how dumb. Have you ever heard of a Virgin Colada? And why do you think that they say not to test on animals? Why? Well, because there is always some jerk out there who will put it on his/her animal, that's why. And as for your page on Coppertone's Little Licks, Are you insane? Hello, it's supposed to be a cute little child with a tan line. That is the point of it. For the cherries, well maybe just maybe it is cherry flavored because most 3 year olds don't like sun lotion, especially lip balm. And since most 3 years olds like cherry, well they make it cherry so the adults do not have a hard time putting it on their children. And as for licking something else, well who in their right mind has children knowing about that stuff at such an early age? Are you insane or something? And what about Vaseline? Well, it makes your lips smooth, in case they get rough like during winter. How can you say that this stuff is bad? How can you possibly say something as stupid as that? You know, what would you do if your lips starting bleeding? Now all of a sudden who is the bad guy? And do you know what? I have been to your against LBS page. And you know what? I do get it, it is you who doesn't.

Nushki8 says "If I met you people on the street I'd hit you..."
You know, the more I read about you people, the more sick you make me!!!! Lip balm is a beautiful thing!!! I found your "hate mail" page and thank god there are others who agree with me. Chap stick is amazing, yes, maybe I am addicted, okay I definatly am. But at least I have soft, purdy lips!!! Unlike all you freaks!!! You know what the best part about lip balm is?? Tearing open that blister packed package, hearing the "pop" of the cap coming off, and getting that first soft untouched swipe of it on your lips. It*s so satisfying, so smooth, so fresh. Yes, I am a sick girl!!!!!! I love chap stick!!!! And for all those impressionable people out there who believe this crap these people are forcing down your throats to quit, DON'T DO IT!!!!!! Save your lips while you still can!!!! In a few years these people that are trying to make you quit will have no lips anymore!!!! There is nothing wrong with a lip balm addiction!!!!!!!

Ali Wildgen

I'm sorry but this website to me is a waste of time!! I my self am "addicted" to lip gloss. . .but that is not a bad thing!! How can you say that something like blistex is a terible thing when what it is selling is something that will help your lips. Everything that you say is so horrible on your website is perfectly fine and wont hurt you or your lips at all some people arnt addicted some just have chapped lips they go and get some chapstick! Now on your website you say the people who don’t like your website may be addicted too and don’t want to addmit it. Well guess what I just did. And I think that maybe you just don’t get it? Do you?? You just don’t get it, if you say that lipgloss is bad to get addicted to  I bet you are addicted to this website addicted to saying that lip balm is wrong and addicting. You have all these sob storys about over coming the addiction. This site makes me sick to think about!! And you said that next they will come out will beer and rum lip balms. Pina Colada is a flavor!! It is an ice cream flavor a smoothie flavor. I think you are just trying to find more and more reasons why lip gloss is so terifiying. . .why?? Maybe you should ask yourself why you are doing all these things???? 


Last updated on February 8, 2005
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