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Lip Balm Anonymous Presents the Industry of Addiction

The Future of Lip Balm

If you've read this far and aren't scared out of your mind by the nefarious actions of the lip balm industry, hold on. Lip balm is changing. It is coming in new, inventive packages that will continue to appeal to those weak enough to succumb to the addiction...

Ice Drops

photo of Ice Drops lip balm As if concealing balm addiction wasn't easy enough, now OraLabs, Inc. has come up with a product designed to be concealed! The tiny Ice Drops balm fits in any sized pocket. The "easy push-up" applicator provides Carmex-like balm containing camphor and menthol. Four flavors are available: Cherry, Kiwi-Lime, Citrus Orange, and Medicated. If you're looking for the "bulge" in the pocket of your loved one to see if they are using, you better take a second look now that Ice Drops is around.

Homeopathic Lip Balms

Homeopathy: this is a racket I'd like to get into. Companies like
P.E.E.L. sell bath lotions, cleaning agents, and (sadly) lip balm, all made with homeopathic ingredients. These ingredients have all sorts of new-age sounding effects: "balances the nervous system", "is mood uplifting", and "enhances mental clarity". P.E.E.L. sells lip balms in several flavors: unscented, peppermint, vanilla, orange, cocoa butter, and tea tree ("said to have amazing powers").

What kind of empirical evidence do we have that these products are effective? None, really. You probably think we're joking, but we're not. This is taken right from P.E.E.L.'s Web page: IMPORTANT: We do not represent that any of the benefits are in fact proven or true, and must be decided by you, the customer, if they provide any desirable benefits. Isn't that great? Imagine if other companies could make that sort of wishy-washy guarantee? "Doctor, will this operation help me?" "You must decide if it provides desirable benefits."


This product bills itself as an "all-natural homeopathic lip balm," which contains "natural essential oils of Chamomile, Oregano & Marjoram with Lappa Major, a homeopathic medicine to treat cold sores." Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. What's new about ERPACE is the applicator: it is a roll-on lip balm. Imagine treating your lips with a mini roll-on deodorant and you'll be at the heart of the ERPACE experience.

ERPACE is produced by Dolisos, "a Leader in Worldwide Homeopathy." You can go to their Web page to read about how the company started. What intrigued us was their statement regarding the safety of homeopathy:

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe with no unwanted side effects and they are non-addictive.
People who are using the product time and time again each day must be too busy applying the stuff to notice it is "non-addicting."

Last updated on November 26, 1997
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