Addicts Wanted for Commercial Opportunity

We received this note recently:

I am Syaft Iadge, owner of small company Sunotan and inventor and of Sunotan skin cream and Too Lips Once-A-Day skin cream.  Our company has developed a skin cream that only needs to be applied once a day to prevent sun burn and reverses sun damage and is made with 100% food grade ingredients. Our products were developed in Scottsdale, Arizona during the summer in 110 degree heat a few years ago, so we know they work.

We are located in Oakland, California and I noticed you are located in Mountain View, I was born in Palo Alto, California.  Our spokesmodel BobbI is also a Sunotan and Too Lips user.  I would like to find out if our once a day unflavored lip cream would be able to help people addicted and mostly prevent people from becoming addicted. We are now approaching Whole Foods Stores also. Our website is

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing or know any of your members that would be interested in doing a commercial spot for Too Lips lip cream. An outline of the commercial is as follows.

1. Person (or persons) would be sitting in chair in a room with he face blacked out and voice altered like a person in the witness protection program.

2. The person (or persons) would explain that lip balm addiction is real.

3. Person (or persons) would then say that the introduction of once a day lip cream helps overcome addiction because you don’t take it with you. You only apply it once in the morning and don’t take it with you. I realize it can be a serious problem some but the commercial would half serious and half comedy (with the blacked out faces and altered voices)

4. Something along those lines for a 30-40 second spot.

I have attached the information that in on the product labels and the in store product displays (that feature Bobbi). If interested e-mail me back.



I don’t know what to make of this. It’s a commercial product that nicely tells customers to not use too much. That’s good.

But doesn’t this seem, well, a little tacky? The advertising isn’t high end.

Worst of all, the company intends to exploit the addiction and suffering of lip balm addicts for profit.

But, I know that times are tough and if you want to get connected I’ll be happy to pass your email to these guys.  Just email me:

New Addiction TV Show is Casting

It is a fine line between following our Tradition of attraction rather than promotion, but this is both an awareness opportunity as well as a chance to make amends. So, please move forward with cautious optimism.

candorlogoCandor Entertainment is looking to help people get over their obsessions and addictions.  We are a production company in Los Angeles, and we are casting for a new TV show about people who are fanatical about something to the point it has started to have a negative impact on their lives.  It can be anything from Harry Potter to The Red Sox to Lip Balm.  The aim of the show is to help people let the negative thing stop running their lives.  If interested, tell us about it at

LBA on TV: Lip Smack (1997)

In 1997, Kevin C. and the Silicon Valley chapter of Lip Balm Anonymous appeared on TV in a two-part investigative expose on a daily comedy series in a segment called “Lip Smack.”  In addition, there were testimonies from celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and John Leguizamo.

LBA on TV: The Internet Cafe (1997)

This was the first television interview we did for Lip Balm Anonymous back in 1997. The show was The Internet Cafe, a spinoff of the popular Computer Chronicles that aired on PBS stations. The episode was The Weird Web, and featured LBA along with a Mr. T fansite, a girl who was into tattoos, and other oddities.

It just so happened that this was filmed in Palo Alto, CA and I was living in the next city, so this was awfully convenient. The funny thing about this show was that it was filmed in a “cyber cafe” (remember those?) that quickly went out of business. The Internet Cafe lived on for a few years.

The LBA interview starts at the 2:15 mark in the video.


Thanks to the Internet Archive for making the show available all these years later. Gotta love those now-retro Netscape browser screens.

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