LBA Interview on ‘This Way Up’ in New Zealand

rnzLBA’s Kevin C. appeared on the September 17, 2011 episode of This Way Up from Radio New Zealand. The story by Simon Morton also included included comments from people on the street and consultant dermatologist Dr. Louise Reiche.  The story is available online or you can listen below.

Interestingly, Dr. Reiche admitted there can be harmful effects from certain types of lip balms. She mentioned that lip balms that contain menthol or salicylic acid can make the lips feel “stingy” and may cause the lips to swell. “But if you’re a person who is using it a lot, and you have a more sensitive predisposition, you may go on to causing a permanent amoxil rash on the lips.” Lip balms with these ingredients include “medicated” lip balms such as Carmex.