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Some nice awareness crosslinks coming in from Holly’s Beauty Blog. Today’s post covers lip balm, and while it isn’t “anti-balm” there is certainly some good advice.

You want to be sure that there are not ingredients included to dry out the lips more, creating the need for repeated and frequent use.

You want to avoid the following ingredients;

  • Phenol – this treats bacteria on broken, cracked and/or bleeding lips and should only be used for a very short time until the problem heals over.
  • Camphor, Alum & Menthol - very drying and creates that tingling feeling that becomes a psychological need.
  • Salicylic Acid or AHA or BHA exfoliating & anti-aging ingredients – exfoliate and dries out already dry lips.
  • Flavored lip balms taste great, which sets up the desire to lick your lips more often, which again creates dry lips.

Learn more by viewing Holly’s Beauty Blog.

Guardian Coverage of LBA

At LBA we always appreciate inbound links as a way for people to discover our site and start getting the help we need. It’s just a little unclear if The Guardian’s Libby Brooks is paying us a compliment or not.

A cursory search for cruel and unusual psychological fixations leads to the online forum of Lip Balm Anonymous, a group of self-described addicts for whom the mentholated kick of Carmex and co has proved damagingly compulsive. While keeping in mind that the web abhors a vacuum and adores a parody, it is nonetheless manifest that the internet age is generating access to information, guidance and support mind-boggling in its specificity and sometimes suspect in its provenance for an ever-expanding range of secretive, sad or salacious behaviours. Got troubles? Get Googling.

New Addiction TV Show is Casting

It is a fine line between following our Tradition of attraction rather than promotion, but this is both an awareness opportunity as well as a chance to make amends. So, please move forward with cautious optimism.

candorlogoCandor Entertainment is looking to help people get over their obsessions and addictions.  We are a production company in Los Angeles, and we are casting for a new TV show about people who are fanatical about something to the point it has started to have a negative impact on their lives.  It can be anything from Harry Potter to The Red Sox to Lip Balm.  The aim of the show is to help people let the negative thing stop running their lives.  If interested, tell us about it at

LBA on TV: Lip Smack (1997)

In 1997, Kevin C. and the Silicon Valley chapter of Lip Balm Anonymous appeared on TV in a two-part investigative expose on a daily comedy series in a segment called “Lip Smack.”  In addition, there were testimonies from celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and John Leguizamo.

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