Modern Chic Magazine’s Three-Part Expose

A fairly even-handed view of lip balm addiction has just been published by Modern Chic Magazine. Author Gabrielle Blue sums it up this way:

No company wants to be the first to admit their product is in any way harmful or addictive, and for all we know the lip balm industry is innocent. But as lip balm addicts continue to grow in numbers, develop support groups on Facebook and unite to kick the habit on sites such as Lip Balm Anonymous, it’s getting harder to believe there’s no truth to their claims.

modernchicBlue also got some plum quotes, including one from Carma Labs, makers of Carmex. “We are addictive,” says Mike Pietsch, vice-president of sales at Carma Labs.  “We’re addictively good.”  Talk about playing up the addictive legend for fun and profit!   Meanwhile, Paula Begoun , author of “The Original Beauty Bible” says of “medicated” balms such as Carmex, “‘Medicated,’ however, is at best a dubious term.”

Read more: three-part expose at Modern Chic Magazine, The Lip Balm Addiction.

LBA Interview on ‘This Way Up’ in New Zealand

rnzLBA’s Kevin C. appeared on the September 17, 2011 episode of This Way Up from Radio New Zealand. The story by Simon Morton also included included comments from people on the street and consultant dermatologist Dr. Louise Reiche.  The story is available online or you can listen below.

Interestingly, Dr. Reiche admitted there can be harmful effects from certain types of lip balms. She mentioned that lip balms that contain menthol or salicylic acid can make the lips feel “stingy” and may cause the lips to swell. “But if you’re a person who is using it a lot, and you have a more sensitive predisposition, you may go on to causing a permanent amoxil rash on the lips.” Lip balms with these ingredients include “medicated” lip balms such as Carmex.

Tips from Holly’s Beauty Blog

Some nice awareness crosslinks coming in from Holly’s Beauty Blog. Today’s post covers lip balm, and while it isn’t “anti-balm” there is certainly some good advice.

You want to be sure that there are not ingredients included to dry out the lips more, creating the need for repeated and frequent use.

You want to avoid the following ingredients;

  • Phenol – this treats bacteria on broken, cracked and/or bleeding lips and should only be used for a very short time until the problem heals over.
  • Camphor, Alum & Menthol - very drying and creates that tingling feeling that becomes a psychological need.
  • Salicylic Acid or AHA or BHA exfoliating & anti-aging ingredients – exfoliate and dries out already dry lips.
  • Flavored lip balms taste great, which sets up the desire to lick your lips more often, which again creates dry lips.

Learn more by viewing Holly’s Beauty Blog.

Guardian Coverage of LBA

At LBA we always appreciate inbound links as a way for people to discover our site and start getting the help we need. It’s just a little unclear if The Guardian’s Libby Brooks is paying us a compliment or not.

A cursory search for cruel and unusual psychological fixations leads to the online forum of Lip Balm Anonymous, a group of self-described addicts for whom the mentholated kick of Carmex and co has proved damagingly compulsive. While keeping in mind that the web abhors a vacuum and adores a parody, it is nonetheless manifest that the internet age is generating access to information, guidance and support mind-boggling in its specificity and sometimes suspect in its provenance for an ever-expanding range of secretive, sad or salacious behaviours. Got troubles? Get Googling.

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