sunguideWhen we contacted Blistex Inc. for information on their company, they sent several items, including recent press releases, and two pamphlets: “The Sun & Your Lips” and “Your Guide to Healthy Lips.” Blistex, started in 1947, is now pushing the stuff in over 70 countries around the world, and has been introducing higher-grade lip balm with products such as Blistex Ultra Protection with SPF 30. Their propaganda included all sorts of scare-literature on whyyou should be using Blistex. They have a self-test to determine if you are at risk from too much sun.

  1. Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? (gardening, walking, biking, etc…)
  2. Do you burn easily when you first go into the sun, and later tan?
  3. Are you fair skinned and/or freckled?
  4. Do you live in a sunny climate or vacation in sunny places?
  5. Do you ski or vacation at high altitudes?
  6. Do you ever get cold sores?

Who doesn’t fit into one or more of the categories above? Who doesn’t vacation in sunny climates or go skiing at high altitudes? (Duh!) I guess agoraphobics and shut-ins aren’t a big market, or the company would try to sell to these people too as they are about the only people who don’t qualify.

Blistex Says Ignore the Directions

Packages of Blistex Lip Medex (their Carmex clone) have the instructions “Apply up to 4 times daily.” We called Blistex about this and they said that it was because of a Government regulation which says than topical analgesics must have this instruction. But the person at Blistex (who shall remain nameless) said that we shouldn’t worry about it as the product is completely safe and that we could use it “as many times a day as we wanted.” Can you believe it? The company is explicitly ignoring Federal regulations! Tell your friends and loved ones now to stop using this product more than four times daily (in fact, tell them to quit altogether!). The evil Industry of Addiction must be stopped!