Peeling Lips: How Long Does It Last?

Hello, Kevin. I am 22 year old  male and i’ve suffered from a lip balm addiction since I was about 18 years old.  In about 4-or 5 weeks  ago I decided enough was enough and I quit completely. The problem is that my lips are constantly peeling. My lips will peel for a couple days then the skin will fall off and it will resume peeling. I drink water constantly and  I make a huge effort to not lick and peel my lips but its hard not peel it accidently when eating .  It is hurting my confidence and I dont want leave  my house at all. Does anybody else have experience with this? How long does this period of peeling lips last? Any tips?

On the Worst days it will looks  exactly like this:


My actual lips on a good day:


Tobias K.

It can take a week or two for lips to fully recover, and we’re not going to sugar-coat it, it won’t be fun. But to be finally free of the demon balm it is worth the sacrifice.

Ask the Addict: 16 year old addict

AQ writes:

I am 16 years old and am currently trying to quit chapstick for good. I had used chapstick for about 8 months before trying to quit. I made a plan for me to try and quit. On Monday, I could use it 4 times, Tuesday 3 times, and so on until I disallowed myself to use it all day. The first 4-5 days were incredibly tough, but progressively after that it began to get better.

Then it ceased to improve. Almost all day, I feel like I need to lick my lips, for my lips need the moisture in order for me to function. Seems crazy, but it’s true, and I cannot stand it. It has been 4 weeks and 2 days since I last used chapstick. For a little context, I used the blue Blistex cans dubbed “chemical pots.”

I sir here in sheer agony, lips incredibly uncomfortable. Although my lips are uncomfortable, they do not crack or bleed. This is very odd. I cannot stand it. What do I do?

It sounds like you’re on the slow road to recovery. It isn’t easy, and you’ll need to take it “one day at a time.” Getting together a chapter in your high school may be a way to build up a community of friends who can help each other.

Doctors Downplay Addictive Properties of Lip Balm in New Investigative Report

There’s a new investigative report about the harmful effects of Lip Balm Addiction from PhillyVoice. The investigators spoke with doctors who downplayed the issue:

I don’t think using it makes you use it more. Some like the way it feels and that makes them use it more, to maintain that smoothness.
Dr. Nazanin Saedi

The practical advice on the issue was provided by our own Kevin C. who said that medicated lip balms are designed to dry out your lips. It says so right on the package. And then people will use it more and more and more.

Lastly, representatives of Chap Stick and Carmex denied the claims that their products are addictive. Despite the evidence we see every day on the streets. So sad.

Addicts Wanted for Commercial Opportunity

We received this note recently:

I am Syaft Iadge, owner of small company Sunotan and inventor and of Sunotan skin cream and Too Lips Once-A-Day skin cream.  Our company has developed a skin cream that only needs to be applied once a day to prevent sun burn and reverses sun damage and is made with 100% food grade ingredients. Our products were developed in Scottsdale, Arizona during the summer in 110 degree heat a few years ago, so we know they work.

We are located in Oakland, California and I noticed you are located in Mountain View, I was born in Palo Alto, California.  Our spokesmodel BobbI is also a Sunotan and Too Lips user.  I would like to find out if our once a day unflavored lip cream would be able to help people addicted and mostly prevent people from becoming addicted. We are now approaching Whole Foods Stores also. Our website is

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing or know any of your members that would be interested in doing a commercial spot for Too Lips lip cream. An outline of the commercial is as follows.

1. Person (or persons) would be sitting in chair in a room with he face blacked out and voice altered like a person in the witness protection program.

2. The person (or persons) would explain that lip balm addiction is real.

3. Person (or persons) would then say that the introduction of once a day lip cream helps overcome addiction because you don’t take it with you. You only apply it once in the morning and don’t take it with you. I realize it can be a serious problem some but the commercial would half serious and half comedy (with the blacked out faces and altered voices)

4. Something along those lines for a 30-40 second spot.

I have attached the information that in on the product labels and the in store product displays (that feature Bobbi). If interested e-mail me back.



I don’t know what to make of this. It’s a commercial product that nicely tells customers to not use too much. That’s good.

But doesn’t this seem, well, a little tacky? The advertising isn’t high end.

Worst of all, the company intends to exploit the addiction and suffering of lip balm addicts for profit.

But, I know that times are tough and if you want to get connected I’ll be happy to pass your email to these guys.  Just email me:

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