Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Balm Anonymous

These are the most common questions we’ve received over the years. We will answer questions on our blog as well (”Ask the Addict”).

This site is a joke, right?

Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common question. Is the problem of lip balm addiction real? Absolutely! Who would think that being addicted to lip balm is funny? Lip-balm addiction is obviously a very serious problem, so any humorous reading is a very serious misinterpretation of the message.

Our challenge to folks who say that the problem isn’t real is very simple: Go cold turkey. If you’re a regular balmer, going cold turkey is like a hard slap across your face and you WILL feel the agony. In the past three or four years, this has been our challenge and so far nobody has said “I went cold turkey and didn’t feel a thing.” That’s why we recommend weaning off of lip balm or for more serious cases our 12 step program.

That said, if someone labels our site as humor or parody, it still helps get the word out about the site. And it helps save lives…

Aren’t you people are taking this a little out of control? There are are worse things than ChapStick addiction like alcoholism or drug addiction!

We’ve never said drug addiction isn’t worse than balm addiction. But we’re no less harmful than caffeine addiction! And don’t be so sure about not needing detox. When you stop using lip balm, the withdrawal effects are very similar to other addictive substances. Some people try to quit but fall off the wagon again and again. If our government authorities and society at large recognized the problem that lip balm addiction causes, you could bet that we’d have detoxification centers popping up everywhere. Sadly, organizations like Lip Balm Anonymous are just an underground movement.

Does everyone become addiction to lip balm?

Of course not. Just as with other substances such as alcohol or prescription drugs, many people are able to use lip balms on casual or occasional basis. But, sadly, many become hooked.

My doctor told me to use lip balm for medical use? Should I try it?

LBA does not discourage usage for medical reasons while under the care of licensed physician. If you have had balm addiction issues in the past, be sure to disclose this fact to your doctor beforehand.

Where are your LBA meetings held?

Kevin C. started LBA in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-90’s. Drop us a line to learn about current meeting times and locations.

There are no licensing fees or other barriers to prevent local LBA affiliates from forming in your local area. All it takes is a few like-minded individuals who are willing to follow the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.  There are several lip balm groups on Facebook, but beware - some of those groups mock our pain and suffering.