Ask the Addict: 16 year old addict

AQ writes:

I am 16 years old and am currently trying to quit chapstick for good. I had used chapstick for about 8 months before trying to quit. I made a plan for me to try and quit. On Monday, I could use it 4 times, Tuesday 3 times, and so on until I disallowed myself to use it all day. The first 4-5 days were incredibly tough, but progressively after that it began to get better.

Then it ceased to improve. Almost all day, I feel like I need to lick my lips, for my lips need the moisture in order for me to function. Seems crazy, but it’s true, and I cannot stand it. It has been 4 weeks and 2 days since I last used chapstick. For a little context, I used the blue Blistex cans dubbed “chemical pots.”

I sir here in sheer agony, lips incredibly uncomfortable. Although my lips are uncomfortable, they do not crack or bleed. This is very odd. I cannot stand it. What do I do?

It sounds like you’re on the slow road to recovery. It isn’t easy, and you’ll need to take it “one day at a time.” Getting together a chapter in your high school may be a way to build up a community of friends who can help each other.

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