Ask the Addict: Medicated Lip Balms

A read who chooses to remain anonymous wrote in:

I keep Googling to find lip balms or chapsticks that don’t have the drying ingredient in it. But every time I look it up I can’t find anything it’s just talking about you know the ingredients I just random stuff that does not lead to a list of good lip balms are chapstick. Right now I use Vaseline Lip Therapy cocoa butter. I love the way it feels. But the thing is I’m constantly reapplying. Everyone at work thinks I’m weird. I over use it too and put too much on my lips. I have major anxiety and I’m pretty sure it’s my anxiety that’s doing it.

But it’s like as soon as I apply I’ve sometimes apply a couple of minutes afterwards. Like my lips are dry or something. I’ve tried other brands but sometimes I just feel like they’re always dry or they don’t give me that comfortable feeling. And if I don’t put the lip Blum on I get so uncomfortable and its all I can think about. It’s just really annoying. I want to keep using something so my lips will be smooth. But I don’t want to apply it constantly like that. Just every now and then. Not every few minutes.

So my question is do y’all have a list of lip balms that don’t have the drying ingredients? I kept trying to look on the site but I guess I got lost. Thank you.

Medicated lip balms, those designed to treat cold sores, are the ones with drying agents. Carmex is the leading brand in this sector.

Standard “non-medicated” lip balms do not contain drying agents. They are however still potentially addictive, so use caution.

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6 Responses to “Ask the Addict: Medicated Lip Balms”
  1. Coushatta says:

    Thank you for reply! I just have to learn how to control myself. So hard when it is connected to aniexty. But thanks!

  2. megan says:

    I am 19 years old and i have no idea what’s going on. Im like 5th grade i had a dermatitis around my lips and i went the dermatologist and i got medicine. After the dermatitis was gone i would just put chapstick on and it was burt’s bees, i’ve been addicted ever since. I can’t stop applying it, if i don’t have it my lips get extremely chapped to where all around my lips is red and peeling. It is so embarrassing. I just don’t want to have chapped lips and have people watch me apply chapstick 24/7 im so insecure ab it. My friends even ask ab it and so does my boyfriend. My lips are constantly red all around it. I just need advice on how to get rid my chapped lips and my chapstick addiction! thank you.

  3. Anoznymous says:

    My lips are always dry even though they don’t look dry they feel dry. I’m not sure what to do, I’m constantly applying the eos balm you know the mint one in the tube form. But I think it may be drying my lips if that possible. I don’t know but I’m not sure what to do. Whenever I try and voice my opinions on the subject people make me feel as though I’m saying something weird. Please help, I think I’m addicted.

  4. Michelle B. says:

    I have had a 35 year lip balm addiction and I am now 27 days into going cold turkey. My lips are still very dry, cracking, peeling and bleeding. It isn’t as bad as the first two weeks but it’s still pretty annoying. I keep thinking maybe 3 to 5 more days but there seems to be no end in sight at this point. I did apply a small amount of plain coconut oil yesterday, it helped a little but today I’m still in the same boat. I will continue on, hopefully it’s only 3 to 5 more days.

  5. Tania says:

    Hi, I’m a 13 year old girl from New York. last year I had really bad chapped bleeding lips so I tried out blistex lip Medex lip balm. It totallly did work and fixed my lips. But slowly I kept on wanting to reapply it. I suffer from severe anxiety and I get panick attakes when I’m without this lip balm. I have it by my side all the time. I apply it 10 or more times a day. It just so soothing to apply it and it’s like my lips are begging for more of it. But this is really affecting my life. I always think about applying it and it rlly annoys me because I can’t avoid the thoughts. I’m so relieved that I’m not alone and I’m soon going to try the recovery methods

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