Columbia Journalism School’s Lip Balm Expose

The very smart students at Columbia Journalism School put together this video about lip balm addition. In addition to a audio quote from yours truly, they also got the Carmex folks to go on the record that their products are not addictive, but according to the dermatologist who was interviewed Carmex does contain drying agents.

Columbia News Tonight: Paying Addiction Lip Service

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4 Responses to “Columbia Journalism School’s Lip Balm Expose”
  1. Carol Judge says:

    I am convinced that ANY lip balm / cream / gloss product can lead to addiction. For the past 15 years, I have used only natural / organic lip balm products. And, I am severely addicted. I quit using all lip balm about 6 days ago, and am weaning myself off with aloe when it gets too painful.

  2. Lord Ha says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I really appreciate this website. It inspired me to go cold turkey after 40 years of lip balm reliance leading to addiction. The 20 questions helped me identify myself as a lip balm addict. Especially, “can you apply lip balm with one hand?”. I used to have it on every horizontal surface of my life. Bedside table, desk, coffee table, and I could not leave the house without it, Ever. I am on my fourth day without lip balm. Though I am painfully aware of my lips, they don’t appear to be falling off. I am not in any real danger. I have begun saying out loud every time that I would usually be putting on lip balm. It is more than I imagined. Getting ready for bed tonight after four days clean I found two brand new chapsticks that I had hidden just in case. It was hard to throw them out, but it had to be done. For the people that think this is a joke try going four days with no lip balm. If you can do that then why are you on this site bothering people that need it. Thanks for your help and support :-)
    PS is there life after lip balm?

  3. candikat says:

    I decided tonight to google why my lips are so sensitive and I found this site. Will my lips ever be normal again? I always have plenty of tubes of lip balm in their designated spots so I can access them fast. I must be addicted.

  4. Gary Neu says:

    I use lip balm and make my own. People should learn to utilize the symptom/signal coming from their lips as an indication they need moisture in their body. So drink some water every time you feel the need to put on lip balm. This should reduce the need for lip balm and give your body what it truely needs, water. Yes anxiety can be a issue and we can train ourselves to be comforted by drinking water.

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