Ask the Addict: Lips Resume Creating Moisture?

We received this question from Karolee A.

Hello I’m 16 years old and I have been using lip balm for years and of course you’ve heard it before, my lips get dry and cracked when I don’t use it but just one question will my lips ever resume to creating there own moisture?

Well, technically your lips do not create moisture, at least not in such a volume to make a difference here. The issue most probably is that your lips are so sensitive to the elements that when you go without the balm it actually is very noticeable and distracting to you. It is for this very reason why it is so hard to kick the habit.

I would say that yes, “it gets better” but it can take a long time and it can be painful - especially as we head into winter. I do sense a potential need for you to see a dermatologist, so consider that as an option. Best of luck.

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3 Responses to “Ask the Addict: Lips Resume Creating Moisture?”
  1. C says:

    Hi, I really need to ask someone who’s been through this. My lips feel thick and leathery in the morning and by night, they start to peel, and this happens every day. Does this sound like chapstick addiction, or the beginning of exfoliative cheilitis?

  2. Carmen says:

    i currently live in australia and i am addicted to lip balm :( im currently using a lanolin only product instead of my usual carmex would this better or should i go and find some vaseline?

  3. buffy2 says:

    Hi, I’ve found Aloe Vera to be very healing whilst giving up a 35-year lip balm habit (mostly to petroleum jelly and/or beeswax products) and for the 1st time in a while my lips are getting some relief!!

    Here is a simple recipe: 1 teaspoon fresh or 100% aloe vera gel, 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil, 1/8 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional). Melt the coconut oil in a microwave and then add the other ingredients and store in a small container. Also, if you would like some tint, you can add beet root powder (from the health food store).

    Good luck and Happy Holidays! :) :) :)

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