Microsoft Lip Balm

Seen this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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9 Responses to “Microsoft Lip Balm”
  1. Ana Cana says:

    My husband is addicted too to balm stick and he tried to quit a couple of times but he could not make it. After one hour, his lips were cracking and also, he had cold turkey. Is that normal?
    I read in an older post you can bleed too after 2 hours without lip balm and he is now scared. Is it real? What can I do to help him? Could I not prepare something more natural he could put on instead?

  2. Kevin C. says:

    Sounds like you should see a doctor about this. You might also consider weaning vs. cold turkey.

  3. Alice says:

    Ok i am so happy i found this website!! I’ve been addicted to lip balm (chapsticks, vaseline, all kinds) since i can remember myself. Well, the early years it was my mom who would put the chapstick on my lips all the time cause my lips were constantly dry and breaking off. Sometimes i’d go to school and forget to take the chapstick with me and all i would think of at school would be how to get over this irritating dry feeling on my lips.. I would even brush my crayons on my lips in a desperate attempt to get a little bit of moisture..
    Nowadays, on my 30s, my lip balm addiction is part of my routine. I always have one in my pocket, two or three in my bag, one next to my bed (cause i also wake up at night sometimes just to put on lip balm).. I cannot even imagine myself living my life without it, my lips would break off and bleed.. So, for me quitting is not an option i suppose.. Could you please tell me if there are any kinds of lips balms out there that could provide a more healthy alternative? And also, is vaseline for lips better than the chapstick type? I am also wandering if long term use could lead to lip cancer.. thank you..

  4. ivy mcCorb says:

    this site is so fake no one is actually addicted to lip balm!!!!

  5. hounnmjl says:

    no such thing as Microsoft lip balm

  6. Shirley says:

    So this is what I used to end my lip balm addiction–LIPSTICK! Honestly, it works! Just put some lipstick on and there you go, you have something on your lip 24/7. Lipstick doesn’t wear off as much as lipbalm does, so you just need to aply it once and then maybe do another touch-up after a meal :)

  7. Bill Gates says:

    Microsoft Lipcel
    Microsoft Chapcess
    Microsoft Poutlook

  8. Kevin C. says:

    Wow, Bill. Thanks for giving us an insight to Microsoft’s future product plans.

  9. Jaimie says:

    I would use that HAHAHAHAHAHA oh the irony.

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