Ask the Addict: Use Chap Stick only in Winter

A question from Nechama F.

I didnt see this on the site- I use chapstick only in the winter from cold weather. I answered no to all the self evaluation questions. Am I at risk for being addicted? Are there any brands that are “safe” to use?

It sounds like you are using Chap Stick responsibly. If you didn’t answer yes to a single question on our Self Test then I think you are at very low risk for developing a dependency.

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3 Responses to “Ask the Addict: Use Chap Stick only in Winter”
  1. Xuan says:

    What are the odds of being addicted?

  2. Kevin C. says:

    Wish we knew, Xuan. Wish we knew…

  3. Steve says:

    This is downright offensive, if you use lip balm to excess you are not an addict. An addict refers to someone who is powerless to a substance or behavior that is addictive, harmful and cumpulsive. While you can use chapstick compulsively it is due to you having chapped lips all the time. There is nothing addictive about balm, they make it dry out your lips so you keep applying it and run out and buy more of their product. If you let it run your life than you have other, bigger underlying problems that need to be addressed in other ways than a 12 step program. As someone who is involved in recovery from an actually addictive substance this is offensive and asinine. This group should not exist and is shameful to the twelve step principles. Put down your chapstick and get a life you losers.

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