Ask the Addict: Am I addicted?

I really did not think I had a addition until I took the quiz because I am on Accutane and if I don’t put any on for a few hours my lips crack and bleed and I have always had dry skin on every wear except my face (which is extremliy oily) with on exception my lips which were usually dry and I have dandruff because of a dry scalp and a rash becuse my skin is so dry (this started two day affter going on Accutane) and I usually forget to put any on until they crack but I put it on a lot and if I lose mine I just have to buy another and I put it on no matter were I am except on stage.

So do I have a addition or not?

Kara C.

Addictions of all types are not uncommon in the performing arts, so your question is important and timely. The good news is that your acne should fade as you age out of your teenage years, making your skin much more moist and less susceptible to dryness and cracking. But, given the issues, it is probably best to talk to your dermatologist about your problems with your acne medicine.

Are you addicted? Well, your rambling description might be signs of being “out of it” due to your addiction, or might just be poor grammar. It sounds like you use lip balm only when your lips are really cracked and dry, and once they return to normal you stop using. That would lead me to believe that no, you are not addicted at this time.

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12 Responses to “Ask the Addict: Am I addicted?”
  1. hippiestick says:

    I am not so sure its an addiction as much as its a feeling of well being. When our lips (sensitive) feel great, and our mouths (talk often?) smell great, I think we have a feeling of self assurance. Who knows, maybe it is some form of addiction! Haha! For whats its worth, I have been using hippiestick, found at Great stuff, maybe I am addicted.

  2. Blistexjunkie says:

    I started using blistex it was given to my by a skin specialist after being treated for acne, that was over ten years ago, i didnt know it at the time that ten years later id still be using blistex, but much more .
    I have blistex scattered all over my house, and my car, i cannot go anywhere without it.
    If for some reason i end up somewhere without blistex i freak out and almost have a anxiety attack. I have been in other 12 step programs for addiction but i never thought blistex would be my final vice.
    Im currently trying to wean myself off blistex, the old fasion way! Cold turkey.
    Blistex is a vice, but its still not as crippling as any of my other previous addictions. But it just shows a true addict will get hooked on almost anything.

  3. FUCK YOU says:

    Listen I was addicted to herion for 7 years the fact that you people think your addicted to lip balm is laughable and truly sad when looked at from the prospective of someone with real addiction issues. Okay so lets look at it this way whats your bottom if you don’t use your lips get sore and chapped until your body starts producing oil normally again in a week or two. Really people I lost my family stole from my friends and sold my house and your lips burn and your going to try and put one in the the same category with another I think not your all a bunch of spineless little fuck tards

  4. Kevin C. says:

    Look, I’m sorry about your addiction, FU. We have a section on our footer of every page on this site that tried to put our very real addition to lip balm in context:

    While our pain and addiction do not obviously compare to the horrors our brothers and sisters suffering from alcohol or narcotics addiction are feeling, Lip Balm Anonymous supports those members of other 12-step programs and no harm or slight is intended by this page.

  5. Amelia says:

    Since you’re on Accutane, I wouldn’t say you’re addicted to lip balm. It’s a necessity at that point, plain and simple, unless you want your entire face to peel off.

    My advice: drink LOTS and LOTS of water, I’m talking 10 or 12 8 oz glasses a day. Drink a full bottle of water every hour if you can help it (except when you’re sleeping, obviously). It’ll make it so you don’t have to use quite as much Chapstick. Speaking from experience here.

  6. Mitch says:

    i am severely addicted to chapstick. it started off as a casual use. then everyday. then hour. now i apply every 10 min. i have started snorting it and spending all my money. i lose my wife, my house, and my life. i have done unspeakable things to get chapstick. now i have recovered and i go school to school spreading the awareness of chapstick addiction.

    and to the heroin junkie your the fucktard for throwing 7 years of your life away. what ya got aids? hep?

  7. Sarah says:

    I am working on quitting smoking. Years before I started smoking, I had a lip balm addiction. I noticed that it is not the nicotene I am addicted to as much as the concept of having something small in my hand, and putting something in or on my lips. The lip balm addiction took the back seat to my smoking addiction. Now that I am quitting the smoking, it’s come to the front again. Today, I forgot my lip balm at home. I got so desperate I was going to go outside and see if someone had dropped a lip balm on the ground. I am the kind of person who deosn’t like sharing my own lip balm, so I buy several extra tubes so I can just tgive my friends a whole tube when they ask to borrow mine. Today, I had to resort to borrowing a lip balm from my friend. My lips weren’t even dry; I just needed somethiing to hold in my hand and put on my lips. Anyone else have the problem of quitting smoking and turning to lip balm?

  8. Flávia lee says:

    I’d like to know if I’m addicted. I use lip balm to sleep because I sleep with an Air conditioning every night and that dries my lips. Only once a day is an Addiction??

  9. Offended says:

    This website is offensive to people with real addictions. If “lip balm addiction” is the biggest problem the people viewing this website have, they should consider themselves extremely lucky.

  10. LOL says:

    Okay… You guys really need to do what other people with addictions do. Stop using lip balm! I took accutane and became a hypochondriac about gastrointestinal disorders, excessive aging, etc. Then I just said fuck it and stopped worrying about it and stopped using Chapstick. Now my lips produce normal oil and I’m happy. Stop worrying about stupid shit!

  11. Cindi says:

    I never used to think that Lip Balm addiction was a real thing, but boy was I wrong! One day I was asking my friends if I could borrow their Lip Balm, and then I was searching for half used Chap Stick under the bus seats. What is so horrible about this is the fact that it only took 2 1/2 weeks of using this method to contract Herpes. Since then, I have given myself to the LORD for I know that he will guide me to the Light and through my addiction.

    GOD BLESS!!!!

  12. Blistex Rules!!! says:

    I think I’m addicted to blistex cuzz it makes my lips so so so so so so so so so soft…and I use it like more than 10 times a day……..I can’t stop using it because of the amazing results……….people say that blistex drys out lips but don’t listen to them….cause for me it makes my lips so very AMAZINGLY soft…….

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