Step by Step, but not the 12 Steps

Think lip balm addiction isn’t a serious problem in our schools and with our kids? Think again.

Hi, I’m 15 and have been gradually getting more addicted to lip balms for the last 10 years. It has come to the point where I can no longer go 20 minutes with out the need to apply lip balm. I find your site very supportive, however there is no advise on how to quit lip balms. Please could you post a step by step method on how to stop, opposed to your current 12 step program that does not help the user stop their addiction.

Thank you for the help the LBA has already given me and I hope I will be able to post my story when I quit in the optimistic future.

Yours sincerely, Alfie S. (addict)

Our Recovery page lists three methods: Cold Turkey, Weaning, and the 12 Steps. The first two don’t really lend themselves to the step method you’re asking for.

  • Cold Turkey Step One: Stop using
  • Cold Turkey Step Two: there is no step two.

Weaning inherently has a step process, but this will differ quite a bit from person to person.

There’s a reason by the 12 Steps exist. For some people that’s the only way to overcome their addictions to lip balm. It doesn’t work for everyone, though, which is why we do mention these other techniques. If you have any other ideas, just leave a comment below.

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14 Responses to “Step by Step, but not the 12 Steps”
  1. Kate says:

    Has anyone found themselves addicted to Savex? I remember when I had to take a medication several years ago, and the doctor told me my lips would dry out very rapidly; the only product which seemed to counteract the dryness was Savex. I have not seem this anywhere in stores since then, but I remember it always made my lips feel so good during the time. I was never without a tin!

  2. OMG says:


  3. Tallman says:

    If OMG, who shouted at us and used as many exclamation points as a 15 year old girl writing a note, thinks this is the most stupid site on the net, then OMG has not looked at the net very much. I have three relatives who use tons of lip balms. I use none. They admit to feeling a kind of addiction to the stuff. It doesn’t cause them to lead strange lives, lose jobs, or commit crimes so it’s not like being addicted to heroin. I think they feel a little weird being hooked on something though. I think that it’s kind of interesting when someone like OMG goes all loony tunes over something they clearly know nothing about.

  4. dumb ass site says:

    this is fuckin retarded you cant get addicted to lip balm. All you crack heads on this site just dont get lip balm! You dont need it ! There IS NO SUCH THING AS LIP BALM ADDICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jack McSweeney says:

    I’ve just been directed to this site following the reading of an article on the The Guardian Newspaper website. This is completely confusing, without meaning to sound rude. Firstly, even if one could become addicted to lip balm, like many of you claim, what is the problem with it? If it makes your lips feel better, then what is the problem of reapplying it all the time? It hardly costs much money, I’ve been using carmex for around 5 years and it does no damage to my lips. Its hardly detrimental to your health like cigarettes, something that I do do and am far more worried about. How can lip balm addiction be a problem??!!! You use it and reapply it, its not killing you!

  6. sydney alexander says:

    I know there are a lot of jerks out there, thinking this is silly,that’s fine,them leave the page,okay! I have three different brands right next to me. I switch back and forth. I NEVER USE anything with any kind of ‘mint’ in it, it only makes it burn more. I am NOT dehydrated b/c I am always drinking coffee or tea, constantly! I have burts w/ acai,yes to carrotsw/melon and chapstick ‘natural’ all of these have shea butter and different oils.They feel really good for about two minutes, then they feel dry. I pay attention, I don’t lick my lips, and then they feel like they are kind of being ’stretched’or ‘tight’(If you are like me,you probably understand exactly what I’m talking about )} : ) I am sick of buying a different tube every other day. I had to leave work the other day cuz I couldn’t find my back-up and my lips felt like they were on fire! I’m sure it’s not an addiction, it’s just like eye drops or nasal spray, the more you use it, the more you need it. It’s pure CRAP, and I know the makers of lip balm are happy about the cycle they have put us in.I can’t NOT put it on,so what to do now? It really burns if I go w/o for more than a few minutes…HELP!

  7. Weats says:

    WOW. What does trying to to use lip balm exessively have to do with Christianity or Conservatism? If you can’t say anything nice, why say anything at all? If simply saying “There is no such thing as lip balm addiction. ” and “This is stupid.” would take this site off the web, don’t you think it would be off by now? If this site is so stupid, what are you doing here?
    Also, addiction to hard drugs is not a joking matter. It’s a serious problem that’s ripped apart families and lives. Calling us “crack heads” is neither correct nor appropriate.
    I do think applying a full-on 12 step program to lip balm is kind of paradoxically, as my mom says “making mountains out of molehills”, but if it works for some people why knock it? I’m currently trying to kick my use of it. I don’t consider myself fully addicted, nor does it ruin my life, but it’s good to know where to go to find other people to work with on it. As an example for how to break oneself of (even seemingly) small habits or behaviors that seem addictive, I like this site. Even if the addiction doesn’t take over your life, a small victory is still a victory. Hopefully, by learning and practicing these principles one can more easily acess them for when a much more serious addiction comes around.

  8. Mia says:

    Im 16 yrs old and i guess im addicted to lip balm. In total i have 50 chapsticks. i like to use the blistex silk and shine the most. i currently carry 14 in my purse and 3 in my pocket. i cant go more than 10 minutes without having chapstick on. i sleep with 2 by my bed, one under my pillow and one in my hand. i even wake up in the middle of the night cuz i can feel when i dont have chapstick on! ive even gotten use to my food tasting like chapstick! i put it on several times a day so i am constantly having to buy more. when i dont have chapstick on it feels like i have chapped lips. i also feel very nervous without chapstick on. even though i typically carry 3 in my pocket i like to carry one in my hand. i know being addicted to chapstick is a problem but i really dont think i can stop but i dont want to constantly be worrying about chapstick!!

  9. Very nice discussion here. Lip balm addiction, if there ever were, can be placed under soft addiction, right next to texting, facebooking, shopping. While they may not result in health deterioration, the compulsiveness which is relevant in addiction is still there. Enthusiasts, who think that it lip-balm addiction is “out there” should try to go on about their day with out the tube.

  10. Cheryl says:

    Wow people really do get bent out of shape about stuff. Lip balm is “addictive” in the sense that if we don’t have it we’re very uncomfortable and become compulsive about needing it. I suppose the reasons are because we’ve caused our lips to adapt so they’ve become dependent. I googled this site in hopes of finding advise on how to stop, maybe products that work as replacements but I must say I was surprised to see the 12 steps listed here. A little bit of overkill don’t you think? Those steps are for people whose lives have become unmanageable and who are causing harms to others and themselves, not really applicable to this problem. And not very helpful to me I might add!

  11. Sarah says:

    I am seriously trying to quit. I’m doing it cold turkey. I’m putting all my chapsticks in a bag and hiding them. Now to all those who think this is ridiculous… I use chapstick every 10-15 minutes. I can’t leave the house without carrying 1-2 chapsticks with me. I buy them obsessively. My friends make fun of me because of my dependence on chapstick. My lips actually burn and feel dry without the chapstick. But they are incredibly smooth. I’m sick of the physical pain on my lips when I don’t wear it. It has become a dependence. I NEED to quit. It’s an obsession and an addiction.

  12. Corey says:

    I sleep with lipbalm under my pillow. Sometimes when i vaccume under my bed, i find 3 or 4 lipbalms that have gone missing over the years. It’s a pretty annoying addiction, people are saying ‘whats wrong with it’ well there’s actually quite a bit wrong with it. If i can’t find a lipbalm i get infuriated, it’s this constant thing on my mind when i don’t have lipbalm on my lips, i hate relying on something so intensely. Also, when i’m about to go to bed at night and im all snuggled in and then i have to get out because i’ve forgotten my lipbalm, its so annoying. I ALWAYS lose it aswell and my bf gets so annoyed when i spend 10 minutes looking for it. I’ve just thrown my lipbalms in the bin i hope i can quit. I’ve never really tried to quit before so hopefully it won’t be hard. Oh and the reason i’m quitting is because i’ve been getting pimples on my chin, not many, around 1 or 2 every couple of weeks, but they can be caused from a variety of things including ‘excessive use of lipbalm’ so i have no doubt that thats where mine are coming from, and thats why im quitting. SO there is a reason why this addiction is detrimental to ones life. Wish me luck guys

  13. Red says:

    “Think lip balm addiction isn’t a serious problem in our schools and with our kids? Think again.”

    Yes, so much more serious than, say, sexting while doing whippets at a keg party. This is the best moral panic I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe Dr. Phil can get involved!

  14. Cheryl Simone says:

    Keep an broken off piece of aloe leaf and cucumber in a baggie and carry them around all day. Apply each whenever you need. Don’t smile. It took me two weeks for my lips to start making moisture on their own.

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