New Addiction TV Show is Casting

It is a fine line between following our Tradition of attraction rather than promotion, but this is both an awareness opportunity as well as a chance to make amends. So, please move forward with cautious optimism.

candorlogoCandor Entertainment is looking to help people get over their obsessions and addictions.  We are a production company in Los Angeles, and we are casting for a new TV show about people who are fanatical about something to the point it has started to have a negative impact on their lives.  It can be anything from Harry Potter to The Red Sox to Lip Balm.  The aim of the show is to help people let the negative thing stop running their lives.  If interested, tell us about it at

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3 Responses to “New Addiction TV Show is Casting”
  1. Kimberely says:

    Hi my name is Kimberely and I’m a 13 year old recoverd chapstick addict. At the young age of 7 I became a slave to the monster (chapstick). I thought it could never happen to me then BAM it hit me like a bus next thing I know I was stealing chapstick from strangers pockets and beating people up for taking my chapstick (sorry mom). I have finally freed myself from the claws of hell and don’t feel the need to smother my lips with the demon aka chapstick.

  2. Brenda says:

    I got to have my vanilla Chap-et brand lip balm all the time. If I can’t find the vanilla flavor in that brand I go for the bubble gum flavor. I just bought 15 tubes of vanilla ( all the gas station had ) because it is hard to find out here. You should of seen the look on the clerks face ! Yup, I’m an addict of the chapstick and I love it. Nice website and very helpful. Thanks.

  3. Rayna says:

    Does the show also deal with drug addictions? If so I know a friend who has went from a great fun loving person, with plans of becoming involved in the recovery of run away girls and finding girls who had been sold into the sex industry to becoming a amture porn star, stipping and now escorting to support her $100/$150.00 a day habbit. I think something serious and VERY public, may help her relize how bad she has become.

    please let me know if you can help.

    thank you.

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